Smile! You Can Make Your Own Toothpaste

Looking for a million dollar smile on a ten-cent budget? Toothpaste is big business these days, and the price goes up along with the long list of ingredients hard to pronounce and even harder to comprehend. In a homesteader’s paradise, everything old is new again and some old tricks for dental care turn out to be not just economical, but downright good for you, too. DIY toothpaste is cheap and easy to make, and it will leave your teeth white and your breath fresh while fighting those dreaded cavity creeps with the best of them.

My homemade toothpaste recipe uses a combination of baking soda and coconut oil to clean teeth and promote dental health, and peppermint oil and stevia so that it doesn’t taste like you’re brushing with baking soda and coconut oil. Stevia acts as a sweetener, but it also offers a potential brushing bonus we didn’t expect.

Here’s Why It Works

Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) has a long history as a teeth cleaner. It has developed a reputation as “too abrasive,” but as a soft, water-soluble mineral, it’s actually milder than many commercial toothpastes. Baking soda fights plaque, kills the bacteria that causes gingivitis and breaks down stains.

Coconut oil may seem an unlikely tool in the fight against cavities, but studies have found this natural antibacterial and antibiotic is great for keeping the bacteria that cause tooth decay at bay and for promoting oral health.

Peppermint oil doesn’t add any health benefits, but it does give toothpaste a cool, refreshing flavor and leaves breath minty fresh. Adjust the amount of this essential oil to taste.

Stevia was a bit of a surprise. While it improves the flavor without any detrimental sugars, it also acts as a plaque-fighting antibacterial. Who knew?

This simple recipe for dental health takes just a couple of minutes to make and will last for months. While this toothpaste is mildly abrasive and suitable for most, it’s not recommended for those with sensitive teeth.

DIY Toothpaste

  • 1/2 cup baking soda
  • 1/2 cup coconut oil
  • 30-40 drops peppermint essential oil
  • 1 packet stevia powder

If coconut oil is solid, microwave for a few seconds until pourable. Combine all ingredients in bowl and whisk vigorously to thoroughly combine. Transfer into an airtight lidded jar. Homemade toothpaste will store 6 months or longer without refrigeration.

Trying to make your morning routine a bit more natural and less expensive? You should also check out my how-to for making your own soap.

12 Responses

  1. Mouthwash says:

    I think it is best to use homemade toothpaste because today's modern toothpaste like Colgate and others contains Sodium laurel sulfate (SLS) Which is a carcinogenic product and even declared as poisonous. So much better if we use natural homemade toothpaste as you mentioned.

  2. This is very usefull information relly the prices of toothpastes are growing up. And the shit thing is the list of toothpastes are listed with different brands. The idea of making own paste in home is great. you don't need to go anywhere to buy it even if you are not nearer to the shop you can easily wash your teeths. Thanks for sharing this such a nice information with us.

  3. porterdaniel says:

    From several days I was looking to get such sorts of instruction to make toothpaste at home and finally found here. Its really my pleasure that now I will able to make toothpaste at my home. :)

  4. muscle farm says:

    DIY toothpaste is cheap and easy to make, and it will leave your teeth white and your breath fresh while fighting those dreaded cavity creeps with the best of them.

  5. katee says:

    I've had so many toothpastes I really disliked but the texture and taste of this one are great! And you can use xylitol instead of stevia for sweetening, it is very good for your teeth and tastes good too.

  6. Beachgal says:

    I have been using homemade coconut oil toothpaste for over 6 months and my teeth have never looked so white of felt so good. A big plus is that it is fluoride free which is initially why I went for it. I do not use stevia, but some table salt, much less peppermint oil, and an equal amount of tea-tree oil which has amazing antiseptic properties.

    • Nora says:

      This is a great idea! Thank you so much.

    • kellysmtrimble says:

      That's great! I haven't tried this recipe yet but I have started using coconut oil like a mouthwash (Have you heard of oil pulling?) and it definitely gets teeth whiter. It's kind of amazing.

  7. DeliciaA53 says:

    The best tooth cleaner in the world is a Makwah stick. Yep a real honest to goodness stick. Peel 1/2 inch back and chew till it becomes a miniature brush, then brush your teeth with the bristles….don't forget your tongue. Makwah sticks are anti bacterial and help with toothaches, gingivitis, small abscess {tho I still recommend a doc for that}. Also, if you have small cavities Makwah helps to heal them AND rebuilds tooth enamel. What is also great is that they,the sticks, are soooooo cheap. Who could ask for more to have a clean mouth and a full set of teeth? Did you know a mouth can be responsible for several diseases? Use a Makweh.

  8. Debbie says:

    posted this to facebook and the pic it shows is a dressmakers form with an outfit?


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