Fun With Found Objects: Make a Wind Chime

Metal pipe, egg beaters and bottle caps make up these fun wind chimes. Maybe they will make pleasing sounds or scare away the haints, but I’m just glad making them lightened the junk bin. (photos by Bob Farley)

When I save junk, leftover items from projects (like tequila bottle hummingbird feeders) or things that I find in my neighbor’s trash, I have to stop and ask myself these questions — Really? Should I keep that? Am I ever going to get around to making something with it? Well, when then?

I recently went through my stashes to gather things for a found-object wind-chime-making class I taught at my favorite art school. I went through boxes in the basement, cabinets in the shed and the leftover scrap bin in the storage closet. I found plenty of items for the class, plus I went to the thrift store and bought $7 worth of wire baskets, metal pieces, and kitchen utensils to use for the hanging structures. Participants were encouraged to bring their own found objects and to be creative! I was so inspired by some of the creativity in the class, I decided to come home and make my own wind chimes with the leftover pieces.

First used to ward off ill omen, the wind chime’s origin in Southeast Asia goes back to around 5,000 years ago. They were made from shells, bone, stone, wood and bamboo. Found objects! While the anatomy of a wind chime has evolved over a few thousand years, it is fun getting back to its early roots to make a found object wind chime of your very own. Just search your house for things that are clanky, dangly or jingly, string them together in an artsy fashion, hang the finished piece inside or out, and enjoy.

The basic anatomy of a wind chime is a sturdy frame and some dangly noise makers. Here I used a few metal pipes leftover from a previous project.

If you like this idea for upcycled wind chimes, you’ll love these other creative upcycles for outdoor spaces!

4 Responses

  1. It is the best example of the recycle things and this image is adding the décor stuff to the house. And the stuff that are using in the image is always present in all of our houses and this will be the easy things to do with the decoration and more in recycle things.

  2. The idea of making wind chimes from useless thing in home is great. It is handicraft of southest asia. Thanks for sharing

  3. scooterblue says:

    Not meaning to be negative, but I like wind chimes that chime. Rattles and barely tinkle don't hardly qualify. You can, however, make some pretty nice sounding wind chimes from EMT electrical conduit. You can even tune the tubes if you want to go that far.

  4. Gary Batten says:

    There are actually lots of things you can do with unused objects in your house. For sure, there are things in the storage area that can still be used for upcycling. Making wind chimes out of them is one good example.


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