5 Gift Ideas for the Makers in Your Life

Do you find it hard to shop for friends or family? Gift cards are easy, sure, but if you’re shopping for someone who loves to make things – a self-proclaimed crafter or DIYer – a new door of opportunity opens. Embrace it, and buy them something that they can really sink their teeth into. Here are some great gift ideas for the makers in your life.

Candle Wax: I’m in the midst of learning how to make my own candles, thinking it would be a fun experiment and an opportunity to create custom-scented candles for a fraction of the price of store-bought. I invested in a big bag of soy wax flakes and wicks (purchased here and here) and am going to source some Midcentury glass containers to hold the finished product. They’ll be the perfect DIY accent for my new Midcentury ranch. Cool, right? It’s also an awesome gift idea for a friend or family member who has a knack for home accents too. In the similar realm, consider soap-making materials too. It’s easy to make your own soap.

Gift candle wax or soap making materials for your crafty friend!

Drill and Driver Bits: Those little bits get lost, broken and stripped all of the time, trust me. For your woodworking friend or a just a handy crafter, gift something that’ll inevitably get used, likely in a pinch when they bust their last 1/16th on a piece of why-is-this-so-hard black walnut. For <$20, you can pick up an assorted set of drill and driver bits, and grant the gift of convenience when any piece from their toolbox combusts. I buy my husband a set for his birthday every year, true story. Watch this short video with Laurie March to learn how to buy the right drill and drill bits.

Drill bits and drivers will always come in handy for a woodworking gift.

A DIY Clock Mechanism: Learning how to make my own clock is one of the most interesting projects I’ve done this year. Who knew it could be so easy, and so readily customizable? For <$15, you can give the gift of a clock mechanism, and enable the maker to explore their own creative avenues in designing a custom piece for the home.

Buy a clock mechanism so a creative friend can make a DIY clock!

Yarn: Your creative friend might be a genius with the knitting needles and appreciative of a new selection of elusive wool, or it might be just enough to persuade your friend to learn the art. Recommend learning the basics with this DIY knitting glossary, and suggest that he or she deliver you a new scarf by Thanksgiving. Kidding. Don’t forget new knitting needles (or buy them the dowels to make knitting needles themselves)!

Art supplies: Whether you know the makers preference or not, explore the art supply section of your local craft store. A set of new pastels and a sketch book, or oil paints and a canvas might open up a new and unexplored creative outlet. If the maker is already a well-stocked artist, consider a premium set of paint brushes, a book by their favorite artist, or even an original piece of inspiring art.

Gift sketching paper or premium supplies for a creative friend.

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