Creative Genius: Lana Katsaros

Meet Lana Katsaros, a Made + Remade Creative GeniusMeet Lana. She’s handy, crafty, inspired, and easily one of the best room stagers I know. She makes organizing decor look easy, and she has treasures big and small displayed in a seemingly effortless way. That alone is inspiration for me, because I readily confess to being a decorator with a tendency to hide my fab finds away in cabinets when they could all be left out on display. We home fanatics need to stick together, and I have a lot to learn from Lana. That’s why I’m crowning her a Creative Genius and featuring some of her greatest work here on Made + Remade. You can see more on her blog, Making A House A Home.

Lana and her husband own a home just outside of New York City and have made it a sweet retreat for themselves and their very young son. They’ve taken on the types of projects that I’ve always hoped to try, like this reclaimed queens wood table in the entryway. How beautiful is that wood?

A reclaimed hardwood sideboard for the home - A great DIY effort!

Their master bedroom is a getaway of its own, with space to sit, work and play. It’s big, and is set up in a way to highlight the room’s natural character (the doorways! the slanted ceiling! the hardwood floors!). The stenciled wall (which I also featured in a post on diy stencils) brings a modern design aesthetic to the space, while a collection of pristine vintage home decor accents add unique charm. Plus, peonies. I need peonies in my bedroom year-round.

Beautiful bedroom inspiration with a seating area and stenciled wall.

With a white moose head mounted atop the fireplace and a vintage peacock seated below, this bedroom radiates personality. Not many of us can relate to having a fireplace in the bedroom, but the general styling shown here could easily be carried to other rooms in the house.

Staging inspiration from Lana Katsaros, Making A House A Home.

Lana excels at perfecting the small details, and while many of the details you see here are new or vintage, she has a way of crafting her own along the way. The dream catcher in the photo above? Her own creation. See it up close here.

DIY Dream Catcher Home Decor

Lana’s son’s bedroom is an escape too — the beautiful mural painted by Duane Hosein was executed long before the baby’s arrival, and it’s something truly special. And when it comes to styling, this seating area is a subtle reminder that accent pillows and attention to detail make a huge difference in making a space homey.

A detailed kid's room mural! So inspiring and creative.

The same can be said for the attention to detail that she had in decorating the top of one of her son’s campaign dressers! And you wouldn’t believe it unless you saw the tutorial, but the campaign dressers are 1970′s vintage and something that Lana and her husband flawlessly refinished. An enviable salvaging find if I’ve ever seen one!

How to stage an infant's bedroom dresser.

It’s obviously not all about decor staging in the Katsaros household — they take on their fair share of home improvement efforts too. Right now, they’re in the midst of a kitchen renovation which has involved installing new appliances, a new backsplash, and soon, updating the countertops. A new floor will eventually be installed to coordinate with the final vision (the one that is laid now was a temporary fix several years ago). A more comprehensive overview of their plan can be seen in this post on Making A House A Home, and I think you’ll be inspired to start making small and gradual updates to your own space as well.

A kitchen renovation in progress.

The Creative Genius series on Made + Remade features fabulous DIYers and makers who inspire us. Meet more Creative Geniuses and help us share the spirit of DIY!


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