DIY Video Tip of the Day: Ombre Curtains

ombre curtain dipped in bleachHere on, we serve up tons of inspiration for you DIYers, including a daily video know-how tip. We know you have zero time, so we choose only the quickest, most informative videos in our library for these tips. Today’s tip caught my eye, and I think you’ll love it, too. It’s a simple tutorial on how to make ombre curtains using bleach!

Ombre has been a popular trend for a couple years now, and it doesn’t seem to be losing any steam, as our friends at HGTV’s Design Happens blog recently reported. While you’d need dye to accomplish ombre on a white curtain, it’s surprisingly easy to use bleach for the same ombre look on an already-colored curtain, or on any piece of fabric, for that matter. I can imagine this same effect on dish towels, tank tops, shower curtains, even sheets. All you need is colored fabric, bleach, water, two buckets and safety gear. Check out this video for the simple how-to steps.

After you’ve ombre’d, be sure to check the DIYNetwork website each day for a new daily DIY video tip. And if you’re all about ombre, you’ll also love this project for creating an ombre accent wall from The House Counselor, as well as the photo gallery below showing How To Make an Ombre Shower Curtain.

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  1. Net Curtains says:

    I'm surprised that this design is possible by just using bleach. Very creative, I'd like to apply this tip on my old curtain to add some touch to look more prettier.


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