Plant an Enchanting Container Fairy Garden


fairy garden container

This container fairy garden features a mushroom cottage, pebble path and succulent shrubs.

Last week, as I was wandering through the University of Tennessee Gardens, I noticed this adorable container garden hidden in a shady corner. I’m glad the bright blue container caught my eye, because otherwise I might have passed over the itty-bitty garden, dwarfed by all the bigger, brighter color happening at the height of the summer. But this miniature landscape is worth a look. I especially got a little giddy about the tiny hens and chicks, a popular succulent plant, used like shrubs. Holly, a gardener at UT, took great care to create this mini landscape design — complete with foundation, accent and border plants — around the little mushroom cottage centerpiece. And thankfully, she shared that plant list with me.Use this container garden and its chosen plants as inspiration for growing your own enchanted paradise.
Fairy gardens are a popular project for getting kids outside and interested in caring for plants. (Though I’d say it’s perfectly acceptable for adults to get excited about fairy gardens, too!) You can also watch this video to find more ideas and how-to’s for creating a fairy garden container. And if you like this idea, I know you’ll like more of our kids craft project videos.

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  1. fred09red says:

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    • Ann Wolfe says:

      I was able to find adorable cottages on e Bay for my fairy garden. Plan to use old wheelbarrow for the container.

  2. Carol T. Deleon says:

    Growing gardens is the best idea to add the health to the society and will help to remove the pollution too. I will recommend implement to use in your documents and assignments to make them improved and more skilled.

  3. But this miniature landscape is worth a look. I especially got a little giddy about the tiny hens and chicks.

  4. JKFerrari says:

    Great ideas! Just moved into a new house that has no landscaping. Found excellent ideas of how to spruce up the new place. Thank you!

  5. marsha says:

    I love it I'm always looking for thing like this to bring to my yard! just love it

  6. wow! this is really nice! and this is just kids craft? what do they make when they grow up?mansions?jk

    that mushroom house surrounded by the tiny flowers makes it look sort like a hobbit house, haha

  7. Martha says:

    TickleMe Plant is a fun addition to any fairy garden. Imagine growing a pet like plant that Moves and closes its leaves when you Tickle It!
    See video,,,kids of all ages love growing TickleMe Plant from seeds

  8. Kiawah girl says:

    You can use pine soil conditioner as "mulch". Also, putting this "mulch" down first helps keep pebble paths from disappearing into the soil and using moss make great "grass" and helps hold in moisture. You can make you fairy garden have high areas by placing more soil higher is areas.

  9. junker says:

    Love the mushroom house, where do you buy them?

    • Kelly Smith Trimble says:

      Hey Junker, Holly tells me that she found the mushroom house at Jo-Ann craft store.

  10. elwny says:

    Wouldn't using plants of such different moisture requirements be a problem?


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