Decorating With Vintage Milk Glass Vases

White vintage milk glass vases for home and event decor.
Opaque milk glass vases have been popular for years. The look is vintage, with 19th-century charm and history dating back as far as the 16th century, and it suits any number of home designs. You’ve probably come across tutorials explaining how to neatly spray paint your clear glass vases and others demonstrating how you can line the inside of a clear vase with paint to achieve a great effect. They all work as temporary solutions and are especially nice as one-time decor or event materials, but I’ve never found either technique to be especially long-lasting in instances when you’re needing to wash the vase inside and out with water.

Even so, if you love the look of opaque white glass for your own home’s decor, how can you start or add to a collection of the real deal? Start by looking at salvage shops. Secondhand stores like Salvation Army and Volunteers of America are often littered with donated glassware, and for just a few dollars, it shouldn’t be hard to find a few pieces. Also look at yard sales and estate sales, as older collections appear for next to nothing from time to time.

Once you’ve sourced your own collection, how are you planning to use it? Here are a few fun ideas:

Classic Vases: Obviously. Pair them with fresh cut blossoms from the garden, and use the ones with narrow bases to accent the windowsill above your sink, or amass them on the kitchen island for impact.

Candle Holders: The mouths of most of my vases are surprisingly perfect for holding a taper candle, becoming an instant candlestick. I smothered my wedding reception table with them.

Setting up a wedding centerpiece using candles in wooden bowls and white milk glass vases.

Wedding Centerpieces: Take them a step further, and let milk glass vases accent your wedding reception tables as fun vintage-inspired centerpieces with a uniform aesthetic. Hand them off to your florist pre-wedding for arrangements that coordinate with the bride’s bouquet, or assemble your own on the day of the wedding. Bundled together or placed separately, the look is uniform and trendy for events.

White milk glass vases used for centerpieces at a wedding or shower.

Vintage Arrangement: My collection has amassed from a-many yard sales and salvage shops. While the whites vary a little bit by design, and the patterns in the glass mold are rare to match, they still do look great as a set. Consider them as a wall feature, arranging them on a hanging pallet, on a modern shelf, or on your mantle.

Use vintage white milk glass vases as decor alongside modern decor.

Make a Hummingbird Feeder: Not unlike this hummingbird feeder tutorial by Michelle, you can use the shape of the vase to your advantage and create your own vintage-inspired hummingbird feeder. Flip it upside down, install a feeder attachment, and hang it with carefully wrapped wire in your backyard.

Other ideas? Share them in the comments! And while you’re feeling inspired, check out these other ideas for DIY wedding centerpieces.

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