Gazpacho to Go: Pack and Serve in Half-Pint Jars for a Prettier Picnic

gazpacho and pickled shrimp served in a jar for a picnic

For a mess-free picnic, serve gazpacho in half-pint jars and top with croutons and pickled shrimp. (Photo by Bob Farley)

Summer is here and so is picnic time. Gazpacho is the perfect food in the summertime to help beat the heat. It is cool and refreshing as well as nutritious. However, if you have ever tried to take a liquid food along for a picnic, you know that difficulties lie in transportation, serving, and tidying up. Leaks in the cooler, spills on your cute outfit, and messy cleanup can ruin a day and make what is supposed to be a fun time a disaster.

Half-pint jars provide the solution for each of these potential mishaps. You can pack individual servings into each jar. Simply fill with a cold concoction of your choice, pack in a cooler full of ice, and be on your way to a worry-free experience. A jar made for canning will not leak, it is an appropriate serving size, it provides a nice presentation for a dish like gazpacho, and after consumption, the jar is easily closed tight and packed away in the cooler for the drive home.

pickled shrimp and gazpacho for a picnic

Make the presentation pretty, too. Arrange jars of gazpacho and accompaniments in a galvanized trough filled with ice. (Photo by Bob Farley)

Another delicious cold food and perfect accompaniment to a tomato-based gazpacho is pickled shrimp. A giant pickle jar works well for this and is a great companion to the half-pint jars. For a nice presentation, fill an oblong galvanized metal bucket with ice, sink the pickled shrimp jar into the middle, and set your gazpacho jars around it. A container of croutons, another one of sour cream, and veggie garnishments complete the tasty and stylish picnic.

Gather with friends and take this picnic to the park, the lake, or your own back yard. Next time, you may just want to make a party of it!

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