5 Great DIY Gifts for Dads

Father’s Day is coming this Sunday! Looking for last-minute gift ideas for Dad, both the store-bought and handmade varieties? Here are some easy solutions to suit a wide range of interests.

  • A Multitool Kit
  • A Knife
  • An Edible Garden
  • A Car Polisher (and Car Washing Accessories)
  • A Handmade Picture Frame

For the Handy Dad, a Multi-tool Kit:

Give Dad a MultiTool for Father's Day.

If he’s anything like my husband, he’ll carry one with him at all times. And then he’ll have a second in the car, a third in the garage, a fourth in the basement, and a fifth in the junk drawer in the kitchen, just in case the door to the convection oven starts to get a little wonky.

For the Outdoorsy Dad, a Knife:

Knives for an outdoor-loving Dad, great gift for Father's Day.

A classic gift idea, it’s timeless and purposeful. Small enough to be carried everywhere, he’ll be that guy who’s always prepared with a knife, whether he needs to open the tough plastic packaging that surrounds all kids’ toys, rip into a box that arrived in the mail, or clear a walking path in the woods. Gift it with a tent, or a pair of Muck Boots for real effect. (Side note: Muck boots are great for Mom too, they’re the best boot I’ve ever owned.)

For the Dad who Loves to Cook, an Edible Garden:

Father's Day Garden for the dad who loves to cook.

Pick up a large planter, soil, and starter plants at the farmers’ market or local gardening center: basil, dill, and parsley are favorites, but don’t forget the chives, your choice of mint, and some lettuce if you’re going big. Let him enjoy prepping meals using the fresh flourishing greens all summer long.

For the Auto Enthusiast, a Car Polisher:

Car wash materials for Father's Day gift.

Maybe he’s a take-it-to-the-car-wash kind of guy, but washing, buffing, and polishing your car in your own driveway is oddly therapeutic, even for me. And if he already has a polisher or you expect that he would want to shop for his own, buy him other accessories, like a pack of microfiber cloths, surface protectant, or a new bottle of car wash.

For Every Dad, a Handmade Picture Frame:

Make Dad a handmade picture frame (or shadow box) for Father's Day.

In my experience, they turn out the best with a miter saw to do 45-degree angle cuts for the corners, and a router to create a rabbet for the glass and backing to sit within. Find a few pieces of worn wood at a salvage shop, and assemble it at home by securing the back with corner braces and wood screws from the hardware store. Lacking tools? Buy a pre-made shadow box and fill it with family photos and mementos.

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