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border garden design with colorful plants along a fenceThe buzz at DIY Network is growing today as we anticipate America’s Most Desperate Landscape 2013. When it airs tonight on DIY Network, Jason Cameron and his powerhouse team will transform a neighborhood eyesore in Escondido, California.But what if you don’t have Jason showing up at your door with a crew of world-class landscape specialists? I’ve got good news: if you have even a modest budget and can provide your own labor, you are well on your way to a landscape that neighbors will envy.One of my favorite photo galleries on the site right now breaks down the essential steps to landscape design.

“But Watson,” I can hear you saying to me through your computer screen, “landscape design sounds hard, where am I supposed to start?” The front yard.”Okay fine,” you continue, “what do I do with the plants?” You start with hardscape first, then move to softscape (also called plants).“Sounds good, but I don’t even know where to put a patio.” So use orange paint to lay out your vision! Like this guy.
“Okay, but isn’t this DIY Network’s design?” you ask. “I want a landscape that says ‘me’.” Sure, accessories like garden art, gates, statues, birdhouses and found objects are just a few things that can channel your personality. Just check out these water features.
Seriously, if you act on the advice in the advice here, you can call yourself a landscape designer when you’re done. (Well, not really, but at least you can tell the neighbors that as you’re laying out your front yard.) I’m not saying it’ll be inexpensive or easy, but if you want your dream landscape, it’s an ideal place to start.Even better, we’ve got tons of inspiration in the Landscape Design feature on the site. Choose your favorite garden style like Asian or Cottage, then find your favorite paths or walkways and ponds or water gardens. There’s even advice for tackling a sloped or shady backyard.”But Watson …” you begin again, and I stop you right there. Yes, you can be your own landscape designer. You just need to get started!

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  1. Kate says:

    Do you want to add a uniquely beautiful look to your lawn and garden area? I would suggest you to hire the landscaping experts that can fulfil your custom needs, and provide 100% customer satisfaction.

  2. Maria Lewis says:

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  4. Very useful post! Actually I also love garden beautification, in fact this is what I usually do to keep me busy.

  5. Bob Grier says:

    Great article very funny but helpful…diy landscaping can be hard but it is worth it the end when you have a nice new outdoor space.

  6. Mel says:

    We love your ideas. A tornado went through our back yard this summer and we need help and more ideas in landscaping the area. How does one submit names for help in doing this? Thanks

  7. [...] Source Article from [...]

  8. penny says:

    cont. from above –
    My husband is a 70+ retired, "disabled" vet who still works for the military in Calif., while the rest of the family lives 300+ miles away on acreage that was first bought & used for assisting abused, neglected, & abandoned horses & other animals. The horses were eventually used by various "handicapped" children. Currently, there are only 5 horses remaining + a few other animals. Due to my husband's absence, my health, the economy – the beautiful pasture is now "dirt." And our "yard" has turned into a literal eyesore. I am desperate; before I got sick, was in the process of designing a beautiful landscape, waterfall/stream feature or the "water fowl," & shady pasture, etc. Any comments, especially any help would be more than appreciated. My husband not only has served & worked so hard, but cont. to work hard (especially considering his age & health)…..I would love for him not to have to worry about the yard, landscape (even the inside needs a total "makeover!!"). Thank-you for allowing me to comment.

  9. penny says:

    just curious – How does the DIY Network & America’s Most Desperate Landscape 2013 choose which home/landscape problem to conquer??? We have a "real challenge" for you….Not only the "back yard," but we live on acreage & the pasture is no more….it is simply dirt & any "weeds" are waiting for the eventual "tossed cigarette," lightening strike or anything that may cause this "eyesore," to erupt in flame. The next comment will explain more…..


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