17 DIY Ideas for Reusing Glass Bottles and Jars

One thing I’ve noticed since we’ve launched Made + Remade is that our bloggers really love upcycling bottles and jars. It seems like we have a post about upcycling one glass item or another about once a week. It makes sense. After all, it’s a fun group of folks, so it’s no wonder that food and drink are part of their daily lives. And as makers, we just don’t have the heart to toss (in the recycling, of course!) all those glass jars and bottles without considering a remaking of them first.

Using salvaged bottles and jars is nothing new, though I’m amazed at each new spin on this theme. Check out these clever decorating ideas to get a feel for the myriad ways you can reuse them for parties and everyday decor.

And in case you missed some of the ideas we’ve posted recently on this blog, here’s a rundown. Around Cinco de Mayo, Michelle reused cool-shaped tequila bottles to make salsa serving jars and these tequila-bottle hummingbird feeders. The hummingbird feeders were an especially HUGE hit with our Facebook fans.

tequila bottle humingbird feeders

Michelle crafted this hummingbird feeder with a salvaged tequila bottle, wire and festive beads.

Michelle also has a great reuse tip for those cute little spice and herb jars: use them to collect and store seeds. Just make sure to match the size of holes in the shaker tops to the size of your seeds, and you’re all set for seed-sowing come fall or spring.

Store wildflower seeds in spice or herb jars. Add labels so you'll know what seeds you've saved.

Reusing wine bottles is definitely a trend, but Tiffany took wine-bottle decor a step further with her idea for etching words into salvaged wine bottles.

etched wine bottles

Tiffany upcycled wine bottles by turning them into this clever oil-and-vinegar set.

I’ve been inspired by her idea to make my own etched decanter set. The look I’m thinking of is similar to these sleek handmade etched bottles, which you can buy on Etsy. I doubt my version will look as perfect as the inspiration, but it’s worth a try.

If you find yourself with an excess of wine bottles (who, me?!), these additional ideas might come in handy, too. (Though Coca-Cola bottles would do the trick, too.) I’m thinking you could combine the first project for pendant lights with the awesome chandelier project to have a matching set for a kitchen and dining room.

And what about all those little random jars—the ones that once housed olives, peanut butter, baby food and the like? Emily found a great use for them, as these simple bud vases. What a perfect upcycling idea for spring and summer. I even like to bring in colorful leaves and place them in small jars during fall, and the same with colorful berries in the winter.

use small jars for bud vases

But please heed my warning about getting all excited about jar and bottle upcycling: jars and bottles can really pile up. If you think about how many projects you can do with them and start saving each and every one (like I tend to do), you can cross the line to glass hoarder pretty quickly. When your spouse, roommate or child starts begging you not to save one more jar, it’s time to get some self-awareness, take your glass collection to the recycling center, and start over again!

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