DIY Wedding Favor: Mini Succulent Clay Planters

I love weddings that embrace the do-it-yourself details, both because the extra effort is evident, and because special handmade touches can add so much more character than store-bought goodies. For my own wedding last winter, not only did we design details spanning from the invites to the cake stand, but I also spent night after night constructing miniature clay-planter wedding favors by hand.

They were really quite easy to make, with Sculpey clay, a melon baller to help hollow out a clay ball, and a knife to make clean cuts along the outside of the clay. The favors ended up having great impact with our guests, and they continue to bring us merriment as the few we saved for ourselves sit basking in the sunlight on our kitchen windowsill. Check out my full tutorial on how I made them.

Making my own favors wasn’t so much about cost savings (I still spent about $100 in clay and planting materials to make 75 pieces), but was more about making exactly what I envisioned to suit the rest of the wedding, and in the end, the time investment was worth it.
Handmade wedding favors using polymer clay and succulents!

I wouldn’t again suggest anything succulent-related for a wintertime wedding, unless you’re guaranteed a lush selection of plants in stock at your local gardening center. There were plenty in stock in the summer when I decided to use them in our favors, but I was left with a poor selection the week before Christmas up here in New York. If you’re liking them for a spring/summer/fall wedding, don’t think twice—they’ll be perfect. You could learn more about choosing and caring for succulents in this beautiful succulent gallery from our friends at HGTVGardens.

A few other ideas I considered for DIY wedding favors?

Hand painted coffee mugs, cocoa packets and Christmas ornaments (both so seasonally appropriate), and candy packages using my printer and some kraft paper. In this photo gallery from DIYNetwork’s wedding planning section, you can get more ideas about DIY wedding favors!

Feeling inspired? Share more of your favorite ideas with us in the comments!

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