Sweet and Simple Bud Vases

Flowers! Everywhere! It’s pretty much, hands-down, my favorite time of the year, the time when the flowers bloom and I can have a rotating vase of fresh daffodils/tulips/azaleas livening up our home.

Nix the tall bouquets though—bud vases are my favorite. They’re so lightweight and dainty and perfect for small spaces like windowsills, my bedside table, and my office desk.

Bud vase DIY tutorial.

I own my fair share of bud vases (the one shown above is from CB2 and a personal favorite), but I’m often finding myself saving little jars and bottles too, because great packaging is abundant, and anything miniature is invariably adorable, especially as a vase for flowers. Baking supplies often come in smaller glass containers, as do many relishes and seasonings, and don’t forget baby food jars, because you can pick up one of those for around 50-cents.

Common household jars are upcycled as bud vases.

With the help of a little Goo Gone to remove adhesive residue on the outside of the container, they can be ready for your windowsill in no time flat.

Common household jars become bud vases for weddings, parties, and home decor.

Looking for other bud vases? Here are some that you can buy:

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