DIY Salsa Bottles

DIY Salsa Bottles

Mango, tomatillo, and picante salsas fill the bottles and complete the table setting. (Photo by Bob Farley)

If you make your own salsas or if you buy them from the market, there is a stylish way to dress them up for your Cinco de Mayo supper. By using recycled tequila bottles and handmade labels with stitched jute ties, you’ll be in style and eco-friendly at the same time. Pulse salsa in the blender for smoother concoctions and use a funnel to pour into bottles. If you don’t have tequila bottles saved for projects like this, it might require you to have a few more fiestas.

In addition to hoarding fabric, I also save bottles, interesting wrapping paper, colorful cardboard cartons, and packaging. Well, I always try to find something to make with them. The paper items become homemade cards, tags for my wares, and idea collages. The bottles come in handy for so many things, from bath salts to salad dressings, and now salsa bottles.

If you don’t have any bottles on hand, choose a bottle of your favorite tequila and invite your friends to help you empty it.

tequila bottle and shot glasses

(Photo by Bob Farley)

Soak bottles in warm sudsy water overnight and simply peel off the labels.

soak bottles to remove labels

(Photo by Bob Farley)

I made a tag with a recycled beer carton and labels in a chili pepper font, and then I tied it onto the bottle with a zigzagged jute tie.

make your own labels for salsa bottles

(Photo by Bob Farley)

See another unique way to reuse those tequila bottles below.

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