The Quest for a Reclaimed Bookshelf

book shelf made from pipes and reclaimed wood

My wife and I fought through Wednesday traffic in Atlanta to complete our pilgrimage to Kudzu Antique Market, where I hoped to leave with inspiration and maybe even with a piece of furniture to enhance our late-‘60s-early-‘70s living room, but with some money left in my pocket, too.

With home décor, Midcentury is a rough game to play. Many authentic pieces are dazzling but out of reach for our growing family’s budget. I have found that, aesthetically, late-1960s-era furniture has a warmer, less-auspicious personality and early-1970s-era furniture has an even bolder look but is harder to find because of what I suspect is shoddy craftsmanship. ‘70s-era furniture can also slide from bold to gaudy easily, but the style speaks to my tastes directly.While in the store, we discovered an industrial-rustic bookshelf tagged at $499 dollars. It appeared to be step-by-step exactly what HGTV’s Dan Faires constructed here.

We love bookshelves. We need bookshelves. This project appears like one a novice DIYer can tackle, and for far less than the sticker price we saw in Atlanta. The catch is the style. Industrial-Rustic doesn’t play nice with the living room look we’re aspiring to implement. But how to make it work? With base materials of reclaimed wood and metal pipes, there has to be a way to capture a tighter, more-stylish-‘60s mood.So, I wanna know: How would you remake this bookshelf?

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  2. Watson says:

    Great suggestions, Laurie – I'm narrowing my options and still have a few more places and salvage yards I want to dig through. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Laurie_March says:

    You could always scour flea markets for table leaves – often orphaned – but tending to be of similar size. They'd be great shelves!

    I'm with everyone else… just make it fit you! Even a 60's vibe can take flavor from anything else that just says 'Watsonfamily!'

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  7. Erik says:

    I don't think heavy and primal elements like reclaimed barn wood and iron are going to flow with the rounded shapes and bright colors of 60's mod…. maybe driftwood would match up better? what about using prefab shelving boards from big box retailer and spray painting them with high gloss paint in a bright 60's themed color followed by clear coat

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