5 Crafts to Make With Tissue Paper

colorful tissue paper in a basketIf you’ve taken a peek on Pinterest lately, you know tissue paper is hip. Yep, tissue paper is hot and we’re not talking about fun projects for your kids, although there are plenty of those. Who didn’t spend many a kindergarten afternoon playing with a glue stick and primary-colored tissue paper? Nostalgic as working with tissue paper might sound, the tissue paper projects I have in mind are anything but childish. I’m talking about gorgeous, sophisticated, grown-up decorations for your next special occasion, your child’s nursery or even whimsical grown-up bedroom.

I could come up with a list as long as my arm of all the reasons I adore tissue paper and an even longer list of all of the things I’ve made with it, but I’ll try to contain my enthusiasm for the sake of brevity and because I sound like the giddy craft nerd I really am at heart if I don’t reign it in. Back to why I love tissue paper… It’s inexpensive—big time bang for your buck if you’ve got a lot of space to decorate and a wee little budget. You can get it in almost every color under the sun, which allows you to get pretty close to a perfect match for the colors you’ve chosen. You can do a million things with it. (See below.) If you screw up, no big deal—it’s just tissue paper, people. And finally, it’s an easy medium for those new to DIY party decorations, but everyone will ooooh and aaaah over your crafty handiwork.

The tissue paper you buy does have some impact on the quality of your finished product. For the most part, look for colorfast tissue paper—it’s pretty disheartening to watch your hard work get all sad clown and muddled when a few drops accidentally get dribbled on it by a leaking beverage dispenser full of lemonade. Not that I speak from any personal experience on the issue…

Here are some of my favorite sources to find good tissue paper:

  1. Crepe Paper Store
  2. Shop Sweet Lulu
  3. Party City
  4. Paper Source
  5. Michaels

Now that you know why I love tissue paper and where to get it, what are you going to do with it? Here are 5 projects that will give you a little nudge in the right direction:

fringed tissue paper craft project

Fringe isn’t just for cowboy vests anymore.

tassles made from gold tissue paper

Want to make any food table look like a million bucks? String up a row of these along the front—done.

green and blue tissue paper pom poms

Grouped over a crib in a nursery, suspended from the tent at a wedding, or hanging out over the food table at your birthday party, pom poms add a festive touch to any room.

scalloped tissue paper lanterns

My new favorite upcycle for paper lanterns involves scallops made from tissue paper.

a gift wrapped with kraft paper, tissue paper and baker's twine

Kraft paper + tissue paper = gift wrapping nirvana. Baker’s twine is the frosting on this packaging cupcake.

You can find instructions for the pretty paper lanterns in my how-to post on the subject. Have tissue paper and a DIY happy heart, but need to know what other tools come in handy? I’ve got you covered, pal. Martha Stewart has a pair of fringe scissors that I coveted for a month straight before giving in to the temptation. I’ll save you the month of waiting—if you have any plans for tissue paper DIY, just go get them now. I also don’t know how I managed before I knew about Elmer’s CraftBond Permanent Dot Runners. No more runny glue everywhere or fingertip blisters from glue gun mishaps. (Does anyone else jeopardize their fingerprints every time they pick up a glue gun? No? Just me, then.) I also rely heavily on my craft knife and cutting mat. They both just make life while crafting so much easier and less pull-my-hair-out-why-isn’t-this-done-yet frustrating. Finally, get friendly with fishing line, especially for tissue paper pom poms and paper lanterns. Using fishing line or invisible thread eliminates any colored rope or twine that would otherwise pull your eye away from your gorgeous new tissue paper decorations.

Now go tap into your own inner craft nerd and make something Pinterest-ing. I’m headed back into the studio for some more tissue paper DIY, because I’ve got a mountain of tissue paper to move before I can attain the domestic guru level of craft mastery—and that tissue paper isn’t going to fringe itself.

You can find more ideas like these on the Crafting section of our website and on our DIY Crafts Pinterest board.

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