Salvaged Easter Baskets

I’ve been slightly consumed assembling lots of little baskets for the upcoming Easter holiday. There’s plenty of inspiration in the retail world, but I went a different route because I found (a lot) of baskets (that were in fantastic condition!) at our local Volunteers of America last month. I CAN’T TURN DOWN NICE BASKETS WHEN THEY’RE 50-CENTS EACH. I also can’t seem to communicate about how excited I am by sale-priced wicker without screaming, in text and in person. Why am I overwhelmingly obsessed with baskets? This is a topic for another day.

Anyways, these are some of them, my little salvaged to-be Easter baskets, one kind of classic with a green weave, and one a little more striking and unique:

Salvage store Easter Baskets!

So, you’re looking for a way to make a basket (or multiple!) on the cheap and really quick? Keep on reading for a simple how-to and get some inspiration to take with you today.

With this basket, I went the route of colorblocking the interior with a vibrant yellow enamel spray paint (others went silver, some went white, all depending on what paints I had leftover from previous projects). I really liked the idea of a bright yellow contrast though, and I figured that even after the holiday the color would be a nice accent in the recipient’s home, a place to drop mail or magazines, or a home for a few already potted plants.

To achieve this color blocking effect, I smothered the outside of the basket with thick painter’s tape (2″ wide) and worked to adhere it really well to minimize the chance of the spray bleeding through to the outside of the basket. I taped over the handle similarly, so that the inside was yellow and the outside remained natural brown. And then I left it outdoors to dry in a dry spot for a few days to cure and air out.

Easter Basket painting DIY.

Baskets need grass too, but instead of buying it I used our shredder to strip a few sheets of paper in a variety of colors to cradle the treats. Read: f-r-e-e! And customized to match whatever theme you’re going for.

Easter Basket Filler (use FREE DIY shredded paper)

Don’t let the kids watch you do these projects if there’s an expectation that the cute basket is going to come from the Easter Bunny, but set it all up in advance and let it sit in a cool place until the big morning. I’ve assembled them in full, right down to the jelly beans housed within coordinating plastic eggs.

Easter basket assembled

See the photo gallery below for another cute DIY basket idea, this time using fabric.

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  1. K Price says:

    Love baskets. Good for storage, organization and great for gift giving all year long. (cannot resist deals on baskets) I display mine in the rafters of the basement ceiling. So cute and handy to always choose one for the perfect project or need.

    • merrypad says:

      Same here, K! Love the storage idea, that would me much better than my current stacking situation.

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I caught the home improvement bug at an early age, and now I'm a full-time DIYer living in Rochester, NY. The projects I cover on my blog Merrypad range ...

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