To Backsplash Or Not To Backsplash?

I’ve done a lot of work on my kitchen over the last 6-months. The most noticeable improvements being that I stained the oak cabinets a rich, java brown, and upgraded the laminate countertops to a white acrylic, but despite having completed those two ambitious projects, there’s still one thing lingering on our minds: Do we need to have a backsplash?

Finished kitchen without a backsplash.

I can’t decide whether a backsplash is essential in a kitchen, because these days I don’t see many kitchens that aren’t fit with a backsplash as either an extension of the countertop, or as a tiled wall surface. Is there something aesthetically missing from my current kitchen (shown above), or would you just tell me that the tomato sauce is going to stain my white walls?

I suppose I’m writing about it here hoping to hash it out with other home improvement enthusiasts. Is a backsplash necessary from a functional standpoint? Or will a well-sealed countertop edge and a coat of semi-gloss paint that wipes clean easily suffice?

As I argue with myself relentlessly, I also take the time to investigate other options that I could do myself, and this photo gallery really has me thinking.

What’s your take on the idea of a backsplash? If you have any inspiring photos or have seen inspired backsplash projects, please post links in the comments, I will be looking for good ideas!

Catching the home improvement bug at an early age, Emily Winters is a now a devoted DIYer living in Rochester, NY. The projects she covers on her blog Merrypad range from painting a wall to building a deck, so it’s only natural she landed at You can follow Emily on twitter at @merrypad and like her on facebook at

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  1. AsharSeo says:

    The question is if you should have a back splash in the kitchen. Answer is Yes! From simply just frying eggs and bacon, you will mess up the wall. Take my advice and either put tile or formica back splash. – Our site


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I caught the home improvement bug at an early age, and now I'm a full-time DIYer living in Rochester, NY. The projects I cover on my blog Merrypad range ...

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