How to Make a Picture Frame Wreath

I added some finishing touches to our home in preparation for hosting family during next week’s Christmas holiday. One of my favorite DIY projects was a quick upcycled frame-turned-wreath project. After all, use your imagination, what looks more like a modern rectangular wreath than a picture frame?


DIY wreath made from a barnwood frame and string.

Side note: How great are strung light-filled jars? And last week’s electric candlestick fits right in with the crowd.

Keep on reading to see how I made this project happen.

I started this project with a common picture frame (mine being a handmade barnwood frame with a 9″x12″ opening). It’s pretty as a frame with pictures in it, but it has sat unused for a few years and seemed like a great proportion for a DIY wreath hung on the door or indoor as holiday decor:

Make a wreath out of a barnwood picture frame.

With red acrylic paint (the same bottle that I’ve been using on my holiday wrapping paper stamps!), I brushed stripes onto the exterior of the frame with a foam brush.

Painting on a barnwood picture frame.

Note how the stripes are positioned to resemble a wrapped package? (Or a first aid symbol, yes, this may transition nicely into poolside decor.)

Painting a picture frame to look like a present.

I used some red string to put a bow on it. I tried out some stiffer red ribbon too, the traditional kind that curls when you zipline it with the scissors, but this floppier more organic string felt like a better fit for the style of the frame and for my home.

Tied a bow on it.

My last-minute seasonal masterpiece. It was totally brainstormed as a decoration for our front door, but once I finished it I decided that it would be more enjoyed in place of some of our wall art.

How are you staging your home for the holidays?

DIY wreath made from a barnwood frame and string.

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5 Responses

  1. @Imserious55 says:

    I could use a Hammer Drill, we need to redo all the hinges on our kitchen cabinets. I like the barn wood frame, but I'm not crazy about the bow. Good idea though, thank you! I'm interested in any new craft projects.

  2. Moodyvega says:

    Nice Idea, I am going to try this project using a real bow. Thanks

  3. Mary/PA says:

    Oh that so sweet ,love the candlestick and the tree topper.
    You can even add some potpourri to the lights, any sent of the season. Cheers!

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  5. [...] Check out the whole project for yourself in today’s post on DIY Network! [...]


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