How to Make an Electrical Wire Flower Ornament


Electrical wire is one of those “Aha!” materials that, once you’ve tried using it, will become a go-to in your crafting repertoire. Let’s talk about electrical wire’s positive traits: It’s colorful, flexible, and easily holds whatever shapes you put it in. Plus, you’re likely to have some leftover electrical wire lying around your toolbox or basement, making projects using the stuff nearly cost-free.

Joanne Palmisano, author of Salvage Secrets (published by W.W. Norton) and blogger (, created these flower ornaments using scraps of electrical wire. It’s a great project for tweens, teens or anyone who believes in flower power. Joanne shows us how to make these adorable ornaments.

Materials & Tools

Scraps of electrical wire (bendable)
Wire cutters (or heavy duty scissors)
Hot glue gun
Hot glue
Extra large button or other piece for center (shown here: part of an old belt)

Step 1. Pick out a piece of electrical wire (about 30 inches long) and cut into 8 (5-inch) lengths using the wire cutters.

Step 2. Bend each strand of wire into a U-shape to create petals.

Step 3. Place petals around your center piece to make sure they are about the same size and fit well around the center.

Step 4. Using a glue gun, glue one of the wire petals to the back of your center piece. You will need to hold the piece down until the glue dries so that the wire doesn’t pop off. Repeat with each piece of wire until you’ve completed the petals.

Step 5. Add a little more glue on the top of the wires in the back to secure them fully.

Step 6. Attach a piece of ribbon around one petal and hang from your Christmas tree.


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