Tree Tricks: How To Hang Delicate Ornaments

I’ll be quick to admit that it would devastate me if anything preventable were to happen to any of the sentimental ornaments that I’ve collected over the years. They’re what makes my tree, my tree. But after adopting a dog with an unpredictable, big, bushy tail, I also had to adopt a secure ornament-hanging strategy. It’s worked quite well for several years so you should try it too.

Next time you’re at the craft store, pick up a spool of florist wire. It’s a very fine gauge wire that you’ll find in (surprise!) the floral section of the store. I usually find it in silver, black, or green and generally prefer green for crafting with wreaths or on my Christmas tree use since it blends right in with pine needles. One spool will likely cost you all of $2.

Hang ornaments securely with florist wire.

This little spool of florist wire will save your ornaments and hanging holiday decor from a sudden, accidental death. Take it from me, it’s a little extra effort when you’re decorating, but an easy thing to do to ensure some peace of mind. Wrap it securely around the actual ornament, and then wrap the other end around the pine branch itself.

Attach ornaments to your tree securely with wire.

Wrapped tightly at both ends and it’ll keep the ornaments secure even when slapped with excited dog tails, pulled at by kid fingers, and hopefully (although I haven’t fully experienced this yet) if the tree happens to tip over. Bonus point: You can hang the ornament at whatever height you want.

Attach fragile ornaments to your Christmas tree using florist wire.

Note: My charming Yeti ornament was handmade by my friend Meg from Red & Main.

Give it a try this year and pass the tip on to your friends and family!

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