Upcycled Tricycle Garden Planter Wreath

metal wreath from garden planter

This fun, colorful wreath was made by our staffer Beth Segar’s mom, Kathy. The tricycle garden planter she’d been given years ago was collecting dust and rust, so in true DIY fashion, she decided to tear it apart and rebuild the pieces into something new and completely unexpected. It would take someone quite familiar with tricycle planters to guess this wreath’s original form! Here’s how Kathy created her wreath.

She used these materials and tools:

• Dremel tool with a #456 (1 ½) fiberglass reinforced cut-off wheel
• Spray paint for metal surfaces
• Acrylic craft paint
• Craft paintbrush
• Stem wire, 20-gauge
• Needle-nose pliers
• Wire cutters

metal wreath process photos
 And shared these how-to instructions:

1. Cut the planter apart using a Dremel tool with a #456 (1 ½) fiberglass reinforced cut-off wheel.

2. Cover all parts with spray paint in the color of your choice. Allow to dry.

3. Accent raised areas with craft paint. Allow to dry.

4. Attach parts together into your desired design with wire, using pliers to tighten and wire cutters to trim excess. Use wire to hang.

The bright, fresh color palette Kathy chose makes her wreath perfect for any time of year. Try a red-and-green or white-and-silver palette to give yours a holiday spin.


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PLUS: See how to make more creative DIY wreaths! This wreath project is a contestant in DIY Network’s “Great Wreath Rivalry” on Pinterest. Pin a wreath and you could win one of five $100 Visa gift cards!

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    Glad you could re-use the gift! It is really impressive.

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    Mom you're awesome!

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    so pretty

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    I will have to be on the loo out for the planter. I love this idea and would love to try it.

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    so pwetty!!

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    I just this!

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    Wow, looks amazing!

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    Talk about upcycling (ha!) Amazing!

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    wow, that's thinking out of the box. Great job!

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    I believe the Wreath is Tastefully Created.

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    I wish I were more creative!

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    beautifully unique!

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    I love it! Great job

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    By far one of the nices projects..

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    I know this gal, and I'm not surprised. She is very talented.

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    Wow, this is great. Love the colors.

  19. Susan says:

    This is the most creative wreath project I have ever seen. It is sheer genius to envision making a wreath from a tricycle garden planter. Wonderful and inspiring!

  20. Rich says:

    Unbelievable transformation! Very creative.


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