Paint Stir Stick Starburst Wreath

paint stick stirrer wreath

For this year’s holiday wreath, I wanted to make something a little splashy that wouldn’t make waves on my wallet. After all, saving money is one of the reasons WHY we DIY, right? I also believe that everyone should be able to craft, whether you live in a mansion or a one-bedroom apartment.

So this wreath project is for anyone, really, but especially for those living in small spaces on small budgets. As long as you’re capable of sweet-talking the paint counter guy at your local hardware store into giving you some paint stir sticks, you’ll spend no more than 15 bucks on this wreath. (You can also order a box of paint sticks online, or find similar wood pieces at your nearby craft store.) This wreath can be made without any tools, not even a hammer.

The wreath design recalls the sunburst mirrors that are icons of the midcentury modern aesthetic. If I make one again, I’ll be more careful to get the spacing between the rays just right. If you’re interested in making a similar wreath, I promise it’s super easy. Here’s how.

Start with these few materials (approximately $15):

• 2 (4-inch) embroidery hoops (you can also use a larger or smaller size)
• 35-40 paint stir sticks (you’ll need fewer if you use smaller hoops, more if you use larger ones)
• Craft glue
• Spray paint (I used gold)
• Picture-hanging hardware

paint stick wreath process shots

And follow these steps:

1. Arrange paint stir sticks in a starburst pattern with roughly a 4-inch circular center.

2. Place embroidery hoop over center of stick pattern and carefully adjust sticks to line up flush with the hoop. Remove the hoop.

3. Apply a thin line of craft glue around one side of the hoop. Place the hoop, glue side down, on the centerline of the sticks, and press firmly to adhere. Allow the glue to dry fully.

4. Arrange a second layer of paint stir sticks as you did in step 1.

5. Pick up the first stick-and-ring assembly and place it, hoop side down, on the second layer of sticks, adjusting so the rays will be staggered and all will show. Carefully adjust sticks to line up flush with the hoop, as you did in step 2. Remove the stick-and-hoop assembly.

6. Apply a thin line of craft glue around the exposed side of the hoop on the assembly. Place the assembly, glue side down, on the centerline of the sticks as you did in step 5, and press firmly to adhere. Allow the glue to dry fully.

7. Turn the two-layered starburst assembly over. For a finished look, apply the second embroidery hoop to the centerline as you did in steps 3 and 6. Allow to dry.

8. Spray paint the finished assembly in the color of your choice. Fully cover the front of the assembly. Depending on your chosen color, you may need multiple coats.

9. Using glue, attach picture-hanging hardware to the back of your wreath. Allow to dry, and hang.


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PLUS: See how to make more creative DIY wreaths! This wreath project is a contestant in DIY Network’s “Great Wreath Rivalry” on Pinterest. Pin a wreath and you could win one of five $100 Visa gift cards!

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