Toolsday Giveaway: Win Two Palm Nailers

To enter last week’s Toolsday giveaway, you had to identify a pair of oval gadgets attached to two pleated pads.  Most folks knew they were a set of old knee and shin guards, but not everyone said they were specifically made for a baseball catcher. Not that you’d ever see Buster Posey wearing them, he’s got a more up-to-date set of shin protection.

We randomly picked one winner out of all the comments and that lucky person is GErickson who knew they were what a catcher would wear back in the old days. Congrats GErickson, you have one week to reply to our email before another winner is chosen.   

Next Tuesday, we will be giving away two Grip Rite Palm Nailers – one mini and one full size. The mini is one-third the size and weight of a full size palm nailer so it can fit into tight spaces. It drives up to a 3-1/2-inch 16d nail without creating hammer marks. It is perfect for framing, hurricane straps, fencing, decking, and tough jobs. The full-sized Grip-Rite Palm Nailer is designed to handle the toughest applications This tool will drive 2-inch to 6-inch nails. It’s perfect for joist hangers, ties, connector straps, anchors, framing and any other exterior or interior applications.

Did you know you could paint upholstered chairs, curtains, floors and even carpeting?   While you can, we’ve got instructions on how to paint low-pile carpets. Also, find out how to revive furniture with paint, or a staircase, ceiling and more

To win the set of Grip Rite nailers, post a comment (click “comment” above) and tell us what famous person this mask depicts (and not from the movie). You don’t have to answer correctly to win; we will randomly pick one winner.

On Tuesday, November 6, we will select the winner then start up a new giveaway for another tool, which will be given away the Tuesday after that.

You have until November 6, 2012 at 2:00pm (ET) to enter to win the Grip Rite nailers.  
Official Rules.


1,187 Responses

  1. readers123 says:

    Its on the tip of my tongue. Oh well.

  2. SandyChuck says:

    Its a Guy Fawkes mask The use of a mask on an effigy has long roots as part of Guy Fawkes Night celebrations, a stylized mask designed by illustrator David Lloyd came to represent broader protest after it was used as a major plot element in V for Vendetta, published in 1982, and its 2006 film adaptation. After appearing in internet forums, the mask became the trademark symbol for the online hacktivist group Anonymous. Time Warner owns the rights to the image and is paid a licensing fee for the sale of each mask.[1]

  3. d armbruster says:

    I have no idea.

  4. Sandy says:

    The Guy Fawkes mask is a stylised depiction of Guy Fawkes, the best-known member of the Gunpowder Plot, an attempt to blow up the English Palace of Westminster in London in 1605. The mask portrays a white face with a subtle smile and red cheeks, a wide moustache upturned at both ends, and a thin vertical pointed beard.

  5. u t says:

    it Guy Fawkes!!!!!!

  6. Alea says:

    Guy Fawkes

  7. smartinrealty says:

    Guy Fawkes

  8. Emmilia G. says:

    errol flynn

  9. ron says:

    got this oneits a guy fawkes mask

  10. Ken Haggerty says:

    Guido Fawkes

  11. looker19 says:

    All agreed, the mask depicts Guy Fawkes.

  12. leo says:

    the count of monte cristo just to be different

  13. Lawrence Ponce says:

    Guy Fawkes

  14. wendy says:

    The person depicted by the mask is Guy Fawkes.

  15. Chip says:

    Guido Fawkes mask used in V for Vendetta

  16. silvia says:


  17. Piepie57 says:

    It is a mask made from the image of Guy Fawkes, but made popular after the movie "V for Vendetta".

  18. F. E. Fahnstrom says:

    Guy Fawkes, aka Guido Fawkes.

  19. Sally L. says:

    Guy Fawkes mask!

  20. William says:

    Guy Fawkes, but this one has a cold.

  21. J Crouch says:

    Just to be different I'm going to say Errol Flynn.

  22. Pat says:

    just in time for Halloween

  23. Ray H. says:

    Ray Guy Fawkes

  24. bethknows says:

    must BE guy fawkes…


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