Rolled Paper Wreath With 1960s Sheet Music

Sometimes when you’re crafting, the simplicity of your materials leads the design. This wreath is made from a songbook of popular music from the 60s. I liked the idea of the song titles being visible, so I just used the same folding method for each page to create a uniform look.

wreath made from rolled sheet music

What you’ll need:

• Music sheets or pages from a book
• Glue gun
• Flat board wreath form

process shots for rolled sheet music wreath

Here’s how to make it:

1. Take one page and roll it into a cone. Dab hot glue on the corner of the smaller end of the cone, fold over and press to affix into the shape. Repeat for each sheet.

2. Affix cones to the wreath form with hot glue. Glue sheets to each other, if necessary.


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3 Responses

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  2. Dennis Seymour says:

    I have a Christmas wreath I made with Big and Small Pine Cones. The Big ones I painted Silver and the Small Pine Cones Red and Green. It's used every year since 1966! I made all my Yard Christmas Items…

  3. Moodyvega says:

    I would use placemats with the eating utensil stuff inside and place around the dinner table. NICE..


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