Pretty Paper Wreath With Dyed Accordion Flowers

accordion paper flower wreath

I’ve got no problem admitting I’m a pinaholic. I love searching Pinterest for all the amazing ideas that people come up with. This wreath is a combination of several great ideas I’ve pinned over the past year.  When a co-worker gifted me volumes of piano sheet music, it inspired me to combine all these items together to create a holiday wreath.

closeup on accordion paper wreath

I used these materials:

• Music sheets or book pages
• Rit dye in powder or liquid form
• Large slotted spoon for stirring
• Plastic gloves
• Drop cloth
• Newspaper
• Glue gun
• Buttons
• Self-adhering beads
• Flat board wreath form

And here’s how I made it:

process shots for dyeing paper for wreath

Dyeing the Paper

1. Combine a box or bottle of Rit dye with 2 quarts of hot water in a heat-safe bucket. Gently stir until the dye and water are fully combined.

2. Wearing gloves, dip each piece of paper into the dye and water mixture one at a time, completely submerging the paper. Use the slotted spoon to help remove the paper from the dye, and allow the excess water to drip from the paper into the bucket. Lay the dyed paper on the newspaper to dry for an hour, and then flip the paper. Within 2 hours, the paper should be completely dry.

buttons and sundries for paper wreath project

Making the Accordion Flowers

1. For large flowers, cut a full-size piece of paper in half lengthwise. Accordion-fold each piece of paper widthwise. Then fold the accordion in half and glue the ends together to make a half-circle.

2. Repeat step 1 for a second strip of paper. Glue the two half-circles together in the center to create a flower.

3. Embellish the center of the flower with buttons or self-adhering beads.

4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 to create multiple flowers. To make accordion flowers of various sizes, just cut your initial strip of paper to the width you want your flower to be.

5. Use glue to attach the flowers to the wreath form.


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PLUS: See how to make more creative DIY wreaths! This wreath project is a contestant in DIY Network’s “Great Wreath Rivalry” on Pinterest. Pin a wreath and you could win one of five $100 Visa gift cards!

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