Gold and Glitter Wreath With Owl Keepsake

gold and glitter wreath with owl pendant

I love the holidays because it’s the only time of year when it’s perfectly acceptable for me to glitter-bomb everything. This year, I’m pairing my love of glitter and gold with the owl trend.

Owls have been all over Halloween decor. I wanted to continue the owl theme after Halloween and into the holidays, so I used a vintage owl pendant my grandmother wore in the 60′s as a centerpiece for my glittery gold holiday wreath.

detail photo of owl pendant on gold wreath
Here are the materials I used:

• 2 or 2.5 inch gold glitter ribbon with wire (15 ft.)
• 1 (14-inch) straw wreath wrapped in plastic
• Thin push pins or dressmaker pins
• 1 large heavy-duty safety pin
• Vintage jewelry or keepsake
• Strong chain or yarn


And here’s how I made it:

1. Do not remove plastic wrap from the straw wreath. You may want to wrap with an additional layer of plastic wrap to get the surface smooth and to secure any loose straw. (You could also use a Styrofoam wreath, but it might not hold up as well if you want to use heavy jewelry.)

2. Starting at a diagonal, wrap the wire ribbon around the wreath. Each wrap should overlap the last wrap of ribbon. Pin down ribbon as you go on the back of the wreath so pins aren’t visible. When the entire wreath is covered, tuck the end under the first wrap and secure with a pin.

Tips: You can use unwired ribbon, but the wire will work better with the curved shape. Wrapping at a diagonal prevents the ribbon from puckering.

3. If you want to dangle a piece of jewelry in the middle of the wreath, secure the piece on a chain or thick yarn. Thread a heavy-duty safety pin through the clasp and pin to the back of the wreath.

The best part about this wreath is that there’s no glue involved, so I can reuse the straw form. I can unwrap the ribbon and rewrap with something new. I’m thinking silver glitter with a metallic “2013” pendant for New Year’s Eve!


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  1. Moodyvega says:

    Like I always says the natural X-mas wreath is the way to go. This project would be great for kids at school.. Thanks


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