Toolsday Giveaway: Win a Garden Weasel and Claw

To enter last week’s Toolsday giveaway, you had to identify a cone-looking thing with a strap on it.  We randomly picked three winners out of all the comments and only one of those was correct. That person is Doko5doko5, who knew it was an antique surgical loop used to help surgeons see better. Our other two winners are Richard G, who thought it was a miner’s light, and Alea who guessed miner’s goggles. Congrats, you all have one week to reply to our email before we pick another winner.

Next Tuesday, we’ll be giving away a Garden Weasel and a Garden Claw Super.  The original Garden Weasel has been around for over 30 years and has practically become the generic term for all handheld garden cultivators. That’s probably because of its durability and easy-to-use design.  The Garden Claw works hand-in-hand with the Weasel to loosen packed soil and turn weeds out at their roots.  

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To win the Weasel and the Claw, post a comment (click “comment” above) and identify the ginormous piece of machinery pictured below. You don’t have to answer correctly to win; we will randomly pick one winner.

On Tuesday, August 21, we will select the winner then start up a new giveaway for another tool, which will be given away the Tuesday after that.

You have until August 21, 2012, 2:00pm (ET) to enter to win a Garden Weasel and a Garden Claw.  

Official Rules.

1,063 Responses

  1. jaimee says:

    part of a spaceship

  2. monica floyd says:

    Corn and grain mill at a factory.

  3. Kristen says:

    Dairy farm!

  4. David McMillin says:

    grain dryer

  5. Elaina says:

    I would love to know!

  6. rono says:

    pocket rocket

  7. Mike Anderson says:

    Weeds fear the CLAW!

  8. Alex McDonald says:

    Motorized garden weasel!

  9. Raymond Huffaker says:

    Head battery lamp to use when both hands are needed to do a job and the lamp is strapped to the head.

  10. bc001 says:

    rocket fuel loader

  11. Dadofabcd says:

    It's a space shuttles engine

  12. jeanne conner says:

    Milk purifier..

  13. crup says:

    cement mixer

  14. samuel rivers says:

    oil purifer

  15. rickey says:

    very small rocket engine

  16. lorrainear says:

    turbine engine

  17. Wayne Dysart says:

    It's a relatively light duty rocket engine.

    Outstanding for flash-drying paint, peeling off roof shingles, sandblasting just about anything.

    Caution: may cause light to complete incineration.

  18. Tom M. says:

    Vapor collector.

  19. Luther Smith says:

    mixing chamber- mixer

  20. William Bragg says:


  21. Sue says:

    some type of grain drying machine?

  22. Elaine says:

    rocket launcher

  23. Rennate Riley says:

    A machine used at a grain mill.

  24. tim middlebrooks says:

    space shuttle engine

  25. Danielle Fehring says:

    Some sort of really large pump.


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