Toolsday Giveaway: Win a Chain Saw Sharpener

Last Toolsday we asked you to identify a long, skinny tool with a small scope on the end of it.  Most people knew that it was an optical device used to determine the strength of eye-glass lens.

We randomly picked one winner out of all last week’s comments and that lucky person is Bayou hag from McDonough, GA who thought it was a surveyor’s tool.

Next Tuesday, we will have two winners, each one will win a PowerSharp chain saw sharpening kit.  It can transform a dull blade into like-new sharp in just a few seconds. The kit is easy and fast to use. Simply attach it to the blade, press the sharpener against a solid object for a few seconds, remove the sharpener and you’re ready to start cutting.

To win a PowerSharp kit, post a comment (click “comment” above) and tell us what the tool pictured below is used for. You don’t have to answer correctly to win; we will randomly pick two winners.

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On Tuesday, June 19, we will select the winners then start up a new giveaway for another tool, which will be given away the Tuesday after that.

You have until June 19, 2012, 2:00pm (ET) to enter to win the PowerSharp kit.
Official Rules.

1,059 Responses

  1. herbgen says:

    I would have guessed they were pliers to open wire hose clamps, but I'll go along with bull nose pliers if that is what everyone else agrees.

  2. rono says:

    gentle cow leader

  3. S Eve says:

    I agree, they are nose ring pliers used to insert nose rings in bulls

  4. fred weigle III says:

    used to pierce earlobes for those ghastly circle rings people put in their ears

  5. Chuck says:

    This is a tool to attach nose rings to bulls, and is called bull ring pliers.

  6. SANDY says:


  7. TheresaM says:

    Used by a farrier for horseshoes?

  8. Scottish says:

    Cattle nostril clamps.

  9. Mike L says:

    Bovine Nose Clamp

  10. ron armstrong says:

    nose pliers fof holding abulls hesd still while you tag its earn

  11. Gary123X says:

    nose (or bull) tongs also known as a bull lead

  12. Lynn says:

    I learned what it was above, but I thought it was a sheet metal crimper. What do I know?

  13. PJN says:

    Yee Ha! Bull-nose fliers.

  14. Richman2000 says:

    Nose Tongs

  15. shawn says:

    Forget the horns! If you grab the bull by the nose with these cattle nose pliers, you are in control.

  16. john says:

    it s used to crack glass after its scorred

  17. Elaine says:

    Nose tongs for cattle.

  18. druid9855 says:

    A good reason not to go to a veterinarian for behavioral problems, these jammies are bovine nose lead clamps for putting the ring in the bull's nose. That's is one golden ring you DON'T want to reach for.

  19. Marge says:

    This is a Vintage Bull nose pliers used to hold a bull so a vet can do his job or what ever needs to be done by a farmers animal. Check out this web site! It is shown on it !

  20. Scott Wise says:

    Bovine nostril clamps used to lead cattle around…

  21. bcolflesh says:

    Testicle crimpers.

  22. MIKES_MACHINE says:

    Holy Cow! These are Cattle Leader Pliers. Ouch!

  23. Margo says:

    I would say it is to pick up a hot piece of metal for a black smith.

    • sambme says:

      Margo is looks like you are on the right track. It does look like a tool for a black smith.

  24. Duane says:

    You got the bull by the nose when you use this.

  25. Gryphon says:

    Wow, I could really use a chain sharpener, actually.

    I'm going to say that's a veterinary tooth extraction tool For extracting veterinary teeth.

    I'm probably not right.


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