Toolsday Giveaway: Win a Weed Trimmer

To enter last week’s Toolsday’s giveaway, you had to identify a fancy brass contraption. We had a few correct answers – it was an antique yacht binnacle, which is a fancy word for a nautical compass holder.  The two cylinders on the side of  the binnacle hold lamp oil so sailors could read the compass at night.   

We randomly picked 12 winners out of all the comments and these lucky people will all be contacted via email.  Ray H, Isabele101, Ken, Ronald Wilkinson, No_1_important, Gmadi1, Mary N., Harold Erb, Mkamrud, Scott boyll, Marilita14, and Jrmitchell. 

Next Tuesday, we will be giving away a Troy-Built Weed Trimmer. This new 2012 model runs on a 20-volt lithium ion battery so you can take it anywhere.   It’s lightweight, but powerful enough to tackle the toughest weeds. The blade provides a full 14-inch cutting swath to make the job go quicker and easier.

To win the Troy-Bilt Weed Trimmer, post a comment (click “comment” above) and tell us what this wooden thing pictured below is used for. You don’t have to answer correctly to win; we will randomly pick one winner.

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On Tuesday, April 10, we will select the winner then start up a new giveaway for another tool, which will be given away the Tuesday after that.

You have until April 10, 2012 at 2:00pm (ET) to enter to win the Weed Trimmer.  
Official Rules.

1,856 Responses

  1. Traci Moss says:

    not sure what it is. The concensus seems to be a cigar mold. Just don’t know though

  2. Heidi says:


  3. RVS says:

    I will have to go with the cigar mold, as it looks like the ones I saw on the travel channel.

  4. M. Parker says:

    Cigar mold and cutter

  5. positiveoptions says:

    A percussion musical instrument – like a rub board.

  6. druid9855 says:

    Ahh, para estar en La Habana! That is a cigar mold which holds newly made cigars. The molds would be stacked in a press while they dry. The metal tool lying on top, by the way, is called a chaveta and is used in all facets of cigar-rolling to cut and shape the tobacco.

  7. Stewart says:

    cigar mold and a cutter to chop up the tobbaco

  8. BrianF says:

    It's a bread board to cut perfect, even slices every time!

  9. Maureen Hinsey says:

    I haven't the slightest idea what this is!

  10. Del Behnken says:

    Cigar press

  11. makeroom says:

    Looks like a cigar mold to shape handmade cigars.

  12. MIKES_MACHINE says:

    It’s a cigar mold (not the kind that grows) for 7" long and 42 ring gauge diameter cigars.

  13. Sim says:

    Antique cigar mold which can be used as a back scratcher if needed

  14. Mary says:

    A musical instrument

  15. Leslie says:

    used for marking grooves into something…

  16. Harold Erb says:

    A press for something

  17. Theresa Merrill says:

    I think it’s a cigar mold

  18. whidone says:

    Travel-size washboard, for scrubbing clothes on the trail…

  19. Danny says:

    candle mold

  20. Steve says:

    a beef jerky press

  21. Josephine says:

    a flower press

  22. bob says:

    Picture is real deceiving – cant tell if the slots are grooved or raised – perhaps a wood mold or press of some sort?

  23. uncajimmy says:

    its for rolling cigars

  24. cooldale says:

    used for making stringcheese

  25. Gerry Gradala says:

    It is a candle mold for skinny candles.


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