Toolsday Giveaway: Win a Skil Circular Saw

We finally found a mystery tool that stumped almost all of you.  Hardly anyone correctly guessed that last week’s mystery tool was a seamstress’ seam ripper.  A lot of people thought it was a mold to make guitars, or some kind of clamp, or an ice pick and someone even thought it was a medieval paddle with an optional eye poker (eeekkk!).  

We randomly picked the winner from all the comments, and that lucky person is Sampson’s Dad who thought it resembled “the board of education” his high school coach used in gym class on those who failed to follow instructions. Congrats Samson’s Dad, you have one week to reply before we choose another winner.

Next Tuesday, we will be giving away a Skil circular saw. Skil, the forefather in circular saws equips all its saws with the latest safety and ease-of-use technology, including an anti-snag guard, rear-view depth adjustment for clear visibility, and lithium battery compatibility.

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To enter the Skil circular saw giveaway, post a comment (click “comment” above) and tell us what this strange-looking tool (pictured on the right) is used for? You don’t have to answer correctly to win; we will randomly pick one winner from this post.

On Tuesday, March 27, we will select the winner then start up a new giveaway for another tool, which will be given away the Tuesday after that.

You have until March 27, 2012, 2:00pm (ET) to enter to win the circular saw.  

Official Rules.

1,269 Responses

  1. melrr0830 says:


  2. Clair Askew says:

    Used to pick up blocks of ice

  3. jeffrey a hofbauer says:

    It's used to castrate calves or other animals.

  4. Pam says:

    Saw plier for metal

  5. Donna B. says:

    This strange tool helps to pick up bulk type items.

  6. Joe says:

    a lifter for a coal kitchen cast iron stove

  7. jhunsi says:

    for ice blocks

  8. tgrobert says:

    The mystery tool is the clamp for carrying block ice.

  9. Rich says:

    Ice pliers

  10. Cindy Hinson says:

    Ice tongs for ice blocks


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