The Best Methods for Screwing into Hardwood

In my last post I gave several reasons why it is important to pre-drill pilot holes before sinking screws into wood.  Pre-drilling is important when you need a pilot hole to be a specific depth, and it can also prevent the wood from splitting.  I forgot to mention one other reason for pre-drilling a pilot hole  – if you’re driving a screw into hardwood.  I have stripped and even busted the heads off screws while trying to drive them into hardwood.

If you prefer not to pre-drill, a simple bar of soap can help sink a screw into hardwood by adding a slippery lubrication that will reduce friction.  The fresh Irish Spring scent left in the air after using this method is a bonus.  Watch this video demonstrating both methods for screwing into hardwood.

YouTube Preview Image

Warren Seegers is the producer of the home improvement TV reality show The Edifice Venture. He was also a finalist on DIY Network’s Stud Finder 2009.

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    It would be a good idea to take note of what kind of wood you're dealing with. I learned that the hard way when I almost ruined my fine australian made furniture.

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