How to Replace a Broken or Outdated Drain in Minutes

Homeowners understand it is almost a necessity to become a DIYer.  If you don’t, you will end up paying a load of money to a handyman for general repairs or a designer for updating the appearance of your home. 

I have lived in my current home for 15 years.  The sink drains in my two bathrooms have become outdated and broken.  Replacing a drain is not an easy task for a beginner DIYer.  Who am I kidding?  If it were an easy task, my drains would have been fixed 10 years ago.

I have finally replaced my old drains with NuFit drains by Watco Manufacturing Company.  The drains require no tools or plumbing experience.  You simply place the new drain over the old one.  The drain can be either installed with a bonding strip or silicone adhesive.  With either method you apply the adhesive and press into place.  Yeah,  It is just that simple.  The installation video demonstrates both methods.  I recommend using silicon for the DIY savvy.  The Universal NuFit drain will cover any body flange with or without a strainer up to 2-7/8″ in diameter.   The drain cost just over $20.  A great value when you consider how much a handyman will charge to repair or update a drain.

Warren Seegers is the producer of the home improvement TV reality show The Edifice Venture. He was also a finalist on DIY Network’s Stud Finder 2009.

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  1. IE Plumber says:

    Great way, sure beats trying to repair these.Rancho Cucamonga Plumber

  2. Susan Chinouth says:

    Thank you so much! I was doing my small hall bath update and my tub drain looks bad (also after 15 years). The chrome finish is worn off and I am looking at ugly black patches instead. this new idea is a Godsend!

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