An Easier Way to Pick Up Leaves

So I’m a DIY guy. And while cutting tight miters, dialing in a tile project, running awesome roof shingles or building outdoor projects is my bag, I like the maintenance aspect too. Cutting grass, planting flowers, and…wait…NOT raking leaves.

I’ve hated it since I was a kid. And even more when I landscaped for a living. And while I’ve never tried it—because it’s new—Leaf Loader looks like it makes sense.

With its unique funnel design, Leaf Loader slips easily into any bag, can or bin. Its four-foot diameter “wide-mouth” can catch raked leaves from up to ten feet away, eliminating the time-consuming steps of raking into piles and picking them up.  

As you know, if you read Pegboard, I’m not much for gadgets. Tools that work, yes. Gadgets: no.

However, Leaf Loader creator Mark Noonan kind of hooked me with this: “I’ve raked leaves my entire life and always felt that there had to be a better way to streamline the process. Raking into piles, then raking piles onto tarps, or picking up piles, small scoops at a time—the whole process is inefficient.”

Another thing that also got my attention: design detail. Leaf Loader has a flexible but rigid-edged frame that keeps it firmly sealed to any surface—so you’re not raking under it. Leaf Loader folds and stores flat, taking up about the same space as a hula hoop and with a simple twist, which is what Leaf Loader seems to be—a new twist on an old job.

Mark & Theresa Clement host MyFixItUpLife and are HGTVPro’s home and how-to aces.

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  1. yahoo says:

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    Victoria Secret coupons in the mail guess where peanut will be dragging me Saturday!…

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  3. Kari says:

    That's fine unless you have several large tress and the leaves get to be 3-4" deep!

  4. Dan says:

    Actually, it's been highly recommended for years to leave the leaves (haha) right where they are and just mulch them up with your mower. Leaves provide great nutrients for your lawn as long as they're chopped into little bits. Even when they're 4 inches deep, just run the mower over them. Try it – I haven't raked for years and my lawn looks great.

  5. Mark says:

    Go to, and look in the top, right corner for the phone and email purchase contacts__

  6. wally says:

    where do get it?

  7. Julie Fink/Brantley says:

    and we get them where…? and they cost how much…?

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