Winterize Your Doors to Save on Heating Bills

The winter months are fast approaching; soon old man winter will be knocking at your front door.  Doors are a huge cause of heat loss.  Much is lost just by opening and closing them, but the amount of heat lost when closed can be reduced greatly with the following three maintenance tips.

  1. Make sure your storm door is in good condition.  Take the summer screen out and put the glass back in.  Adjust the closer tension so the door shuts tight.  Storm doors are the first barrier to stop the harsh winter weather.  If your storm door has seen better days, replace it.
  2. Replace the sweep on the bottom of the door.  Most people never replace it.  Opening and closing the door a thousand or so times can leave the sweep tattered and allow drafts to slip under.  Sweeps are cheap and should be replaced every two to three years.
  3. With the door closed, look for light showing through the gap between the jamb and door.  If light is getting through from outside, so is the air.  Even if light isn’t showing through it doesn’t mean air is not.  Hold a candle close to the gap between the jamb and door.  The movement of the flame will reveal any drafts.  If drafts are noticeable be sure to replace the weather stripping.


Warren Seegers is the producer of the home improvement TV reality show The Edifice Venture. He was also a finalist on DIY Network’s Stud Finder.

7 Responses

  1. Jose Terry says:

    Superb doormaintenance tips indeed. Yes Sweeps are cheap i also change it every two years.

  2. Its always good to learn tips like you share for blog posting.I think your suggestion would be helpful for us. I will let you know if its work for me too.

  3. These are wonderful maintenance tips you have posted for reducing the heat loss in the harsh winter weather. Thumbs up!

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  7. Gary says:

    hay pick


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