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Starting today you can enter to win our weekly tool giveaway.  Post a comment below and briefly tell us about the top 5 chores on your honey-do list — you will automatically be entered to win a 24-inch Box Beam Level from Bostitch.   

Next Tuesday (March 22) we will randomly pick one winner then start up a new giveaway for another tool, which will be given away the Tuesday after that. We will continue giving away tools every Tuesday until our tool shed runs dry.

You have until March 22, 2011, 5:00 (ET) to enter to win this handy DIY level. 
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1,922 Responses

  1. Daniel H says:

    I really need:
    Remodel Kitchen
    Remodel Bathrooms (2)
    New Hard Floor (downstairs)
    New Carpets (upstairs)
    Paint everything

  2. N. Glenn says:

    Reroof the patio and enclose it.
    Build spa enclosure added to above.
    Erect fence.
    Build pump enclosure for pool.

  3. olin hucks says:

    watch you guys 24/7 learn a lot from you guysand consruction is what i'ved done most of my life.thank you againolin hucks 1772 powell road georgetown sc 29440.

  4. Daniel H says:

    I really need to:
    Remodel Kitchen
    Remodel (2) Bathrooms
    New Hard floors downstairs
    New Carpeting upstairs
    Paint everything

  5. Daniel H says:

    Remodel the kitchen
    Remodel both bathrooms
    New hardwood floors
    New carpeting upstairs
    Paint everything

    Wow, that's a lot!

  6. N. Glenn says:

    Build a garden tool storage shed.
    Build covered firewood rack.
    Re-shingle patio roof.
    Build cross-over bridge over pool. (Bridge over un-troubled waters?)

  7. popsbailey says:

    Workin on wifes day wifes not happy but likes the pay no winen here CRAP

  8. Michelle says:

    Cover outside basement wall with rock

  9. Daniel H says:

    Remodel the Kitchen
    Remodal the bathrooms
    New hardwood floor (downstairs)
    New carpets (upstairs)
    Paint everything

  10. Neil Glenn says:

    Keeping my projects on the straight and level! I like being an 'upright' guy!

  11. Erin says:

    Strip paint from woodwork, hang drywall, refinish floor, rehang ceiling fan, and build pullman guest bed, Not necessarily in that order.

  12. elvirarm13 says:

    Fix sliding door
    Create more organizational space
    Fix garbage disposal
    Separate Office from Bedroom
    Paint walls

  13. Dan Krueger says:

    Develop a new area for the washer and dryer.

  14. JIM PREWITT says:

    front yard landscape
    back yard deck
    driveway sealer
    painting bedroom
    building a fire pit

  15. Mitch says:

    Too much yard work needs to be done

  16. Lily says:

    paint the house

  17. charlenems says:

    Tool for aminating paper & cardboard?

  18. Nupur Sehdev says:

    remodel the kitchen
    remodel the basement
    remodel the porch
    remodel the front yard
    remodel the doors

  19. Daniel H says:

    For my Honey-Do list I really need . . .
    Kitchen remodel (it's 35 years old)
    New Saltillo tile or hardwood floors (downstairs)
    New carpeting (upstairs)
    Bedroom remodel
    Everything painted

  20. charlenems says:

    Parchment or leather lampshade working tools?

  21. tom says:

    mow the lawn
    clean the kitchen
    paint the bathroom
    plant the flowers
    build a bird house

  22. charlenems says:

    Tools for decorating fine leather?

  23. Neil Glenn says:

    Build the sun-shelter for the RV bus. 'Nuff said!

  24. thomas glenn says:

    roof the house
    paint the bedroom
    cut firewood
    plant the garden
    fix supper

  25. bofsu2 says:

    plumbing in the bathroom
    garbage disposal leaking
    dishwasher broke
    privacy fence needs repairs
    electric garage door needs repaired


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