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Nov 2

Meet the Winner

We are proud to announce the winner of Blog Cabin 2011. Please read our exclusive Q&A to learn more about Carol Livingston and her plans for the future.

I’d like to thank everyone who particpated in our People’s Choice voting and entered for a chance to win this gorgeous Chesapeake Bay home. Keep checking this blog for more details on our 2012 home.

Oct 7

Jason Cameron Reflects

Hi all.Lest we forget about Blog Cabin 2011 and the winner (as yet unchosen and floating out there somewhere in our galaxy), I offer up a vlog hosted by Jason Cameron and Matt Blashaw. Can you imagine shoveling tons of oyster shells in the heat and humidity of a June day? God bless him! Read More

Sep 22

Desperate Landscapes

Hi all,

Tonight’s the night we present the Desperate Landscapes episode of Blog Cabin 2011. Tune in to learn more details about the home’s circular driveway and formal front garden, courtesy of Jason Cameron and his crew. And if you’re interested in giving your front yard a Blog Cabin makeover, check out our cobblestone walkway how-to project, which provides detailed step-by-step instructions.

Oh, and here’s a hint about the location of Blog Cabin 2012: It’s north of Miami.

Sep 6

Dean and Derek Reminisce

Hi, all.I have to admit that this vlog brightened my Monday. Dean and Derek are a hoot as a duo, but pair them with show host Matt Blashaw and you’ve got serious comedy. (The bit about the bar top is too much.) The full Indoors Out episode airs this Thursday at 9 pm. You don’t want to miss it!What strikes me most about this year’s Blog Cabin team is the respect and camaraderie among show hosts. The Indoors Out team, for instance, worked in 100-plus-degree temps and high humidity to pave the patio and carve out inviting backyard spaces. The team members managed to survive (at the time, I don’t think there was air conditioning inside the home), stay in good spirits and pull off some truly amazing outdoor designs. For more details on Dean and Derek’s truly artful touches, please click through the backyard, fire pit area and outdoor shower slideshows. Read More

Aug 29

Blog Cabin Has Survived the Storm

Hi all.

I am happy to report that Blog Cabin 2011 has weathered Hurricane Irene with little evidence of the storm’s passing. Damage is limited to a few uprooted trees and planters and an overturned outdoor bar. Easy fixes!

Thanks to realtor Daria Linsinbigler for sharing photos and storm updates from the home site.

Aug 26

Irene and Blog Cabin

Hi, folks.

I am dropping in today to speak briefly about Hurricane Irene. We’re prepared to batten down the hatches at Blog Cabin 2011 and attend to any storm damage promptly. The home will be delivered to the winner in immaculate condition.

Just FYI: Tuesday’s earthquake left Mathews County, Va. — and Blog Cabin — undamaged. We’re hoping Irene blows over with little to no drama.

Aug 23

Bath Crashers is Coming

What did you think of the first episode? Today, in preparation for this week’s Bath Crashers episode, we present a sneak peek vlog, starring Matt Blashaw and Matt Muenster. And if you’d like to try any of the DIY projects from this year’s Blog Cabin, check out our projects landing page. Read More

Aug 15

Today’s the Day

Happy Monday!

I invite you to enter twice daily — once on and once on — for your chance to win Blog Cabin 2011, a grand and gorgeous farmhouse located along the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay. The grand-prize package is worth almost $800,000!

Please take time today to explore the farmhouse via our 360-degree virtual home tour. Then click through the dramatic before-and-after photos.


Aug 12

Matt and Josh Talk Blog Cabin

Hi all,Are you ready? Our virtual home tour launches on Monday around 9 a.m. and the first episode of Blog Cabin 2011 airs on Thursday. See our programming guide for tune-in times.Today, I am pleased to present the first in a series of vlogs from Matt and crew, right from the Blog Cabin 2011 construction site. Dare I say you will enjoy them as much (almost as much) as the episodes? Take a look! Read More

Aug 4

The Episodes are Coming Soon

We’ve been talking alot about the virtual home tour and the sweeps — both are slated to launch on August 15. But let’s not forget the television show.

As I prepare copy, I’ve been watching rough cuts of the episodes. You are in for such a treat. Show host Matt Blashaw is a hoot. Pair him with some of your favorite DIY Network personalities and its game on. I think he and Josh Temple are too wisecrackers separated at birth. (Once you see the bit about the hair brush, you’ll know what I mean.)

Dust off the popcorn popper, pull out the pilsner glasses and mark your calendar for August 18 when the first episode of Blog Cabin 2011 premieres.



Blog Cabin is the groundbreaking multimedia experience based on a very simple idea: You Design It, We Build It, You Could Win It! This truly interactive series asks Internet users to vote on the design features for a real vacation getaway. Expert hosts will transform a 1990s waterfront home in Panacea, Florida that will become a luxurious home for a lucky sweepstakes winner. Plus, a one-hour Blog Cabin special, hosted by tool expert Chris Grundy, will highlight the incredible transformation.
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