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Feb 20

Introducing Our Guest Blogger Dylan Eastman

Dylan Eastman

Blog Cabin 2015 construction is ramping up and we’ve got a lot of ground to cover before the big reveal. To help us get acquainted with this year’s project, I’ve asked build and design manager Dylan Eastman to share his weekly reports about this amazing renovation. Starting next Thursday Dylan will be posting images and writing about the progress of our beloved Blog Cabin 2015 in Coeur d’Alene. Please give him a warm welcome as he becomes our eyes and ears on the ground!

Check out Dylan’s first look at Blog Cabin 2015 >>

Feb 17

People’s Choice Round Four: Vote for All Things Living

Blog Cabin 2015 Round four voting

Round four of our People’s Choice vote has begun! We’ve gathered a bevy of interior products and materials for you to choose, from water features under the stairway to pet-friendly design, entertainment room seating to a vintage soda shoppe or snack bar.

You have nine decisions to make this round. Share your picks in the comments below, and pin your favorites to Pinterest.


Browse all wining items and materials >>

Feb 3

People’s Choice Round Three: Vote for Kitchen Details

Blog Cabin kitchen

It’s time for round three of our People’s Choice vote for this year’s DIY Network Blog Cabin. Help us select features for the kitchen, from the sink location and backsplash material to the cabinetry design and light fixtures. You have eight decisions to make this round with unlimited daily voting. Share your picks with fellow fans (and me!) in the comments below.


Need help imagining the remodeled layout? Browse before and after floor plans >>

Jan 20

People’s Choice Round Two: Vote for Master Suite Details

Blog Cabin 2015 Construction Vote

We’ve arrived at round two of our People’s Choice vote for this year’s DIY Network Blog Cabin. Help us select features for the master suite, from the bedroom light fixtures and bed style to the bathroom shower design and tile pattern. You have eight decisions to make this round. Share your picks with fellow fans (and me!) in the comments below.


Browse all winning products and materials >>

Jan 6

People’s Choice Round One: Voting Starts Today!

Blog Cabin 2015 Construction VoteToday’s the day you’ve all been waiting for. Starting today, you can begin voting for inside-out features for this year’s DIY Network Blog Cabin. You’ll have the opportunity to vote on the exterior siding color, window pattern, indoor paint palette and the flooring installed throughout. Vote up to 10 times per day on, and pin your favorite picks to Pinterest. I’m dying to know what you pick!


Dec 17

The Cabin Cam is Live!

Blog Cabin 2015

Ready, set, action! We’ve got the Blog Cabin 2015 Cabin Cam live. We’re taking you directly to the home site for an up-close-and-personal look at the renovation of this modern mountain retreat in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.


Remember, since this is a construction site there are times periodically where the power on the property has to be shut down. During those times the camera will go into Panorama mode, and then return once power is restored.

Happy viewing!

Oct 28

Blog Cabin 2015 Location Announcement

Get excited because we’re headed to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho for the ninth season of Blog Cabin!

“We’re taking Blog Cabin out west for the very first time,” says Chris Grundy. “It’s a little taste of small town living with walk-up ice cream shops, down home restaurants, and year-round events.”

Blog Cabin 2015

Nestled among the Rocky Mountains, the original cabin will be rebuilt from the ground up and redesigned to honor the spectacular views of neighboring Lake Coeur d’Alene. Dilapidated and abandoned, this rustic structure will be renovated with the help from you, our audience, beginning Tuesday, January 6th.

Watch the location videos for more details.

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Oct 24

Blog Cabin 2015: Location Clue Two


I don’t want to spill the beans just yet on the location of Blog Cabin 2015, but today I present your second clue. Our location is the nation’s leader in producing a variety of seed found in this image. Can you guess which one?

Oct 22

Blog Cabin 2015: Location Clue One

On Monday I asked you to cast your vote, and it looks like most of you are pulling for the Southeast. Are you imaging a breezy coastal location or a mountainous retreat? Either way, I can get on board with a relaxing escape tucked away off the beaten path.

Today, I present your first clue, courtesy of our build and design manager Dylan Eastman. What or where do you think it is? Take a close look and let’s discuss!

Blog Cabin 2015 Location Clue

Photography by Dylan Eastman

Oct 20

Where Are We Headed Next?

United States Map

The time has arrived to follow the clues to uncover the location of Blog Cabin 2015, a renovated home that will incorporate clever remodeling techniques as well as eye-catching design.

Let’s start today with a poll. Where do you think the Blog Cabin 2015 location might be? Cast your vote and post your thoughts.



Blog Cabin is the groundbreaking multimedia experience based on a very simple idea: You Design It, We Build It, You Could Win It! This truly interactive series asks Internet users to vote on the design features for a real vacation getaway. Expert hosts will transform an original 1970s hilltop house in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho that will become a luxurious home for a lucky sweepstakes winner. Plus, a one-hour Blog Cabin special, hosted by tool expert Chris Grundy, will highlight the incredible transformation.
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