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Apr 9

I Spy a Beautiful Butterfly Bounty

Who remembers looking for the flamingos during the Blog Cabin 2014 build in Florida? Well it’s time to open up those eagle eyes again!

Dylan and I are having a blast working on the house here in Coeur d’Alene and we’ve made a friend along the way. Keep your eyes peeled for this big, beautiful butterfly, everybody. As Jennie, DBCoop and a few others of you have noticed already, you deserve a little fun again this year. Let us know when you spot her on the cabin cam.

Blog Cabin Idaho Butterfly

The monarch butterfly is the official state insect of Idaho, and they are gorgeous. As you might know, the Monarch butterfly is the most familiar butterfly in North America. Unfortunately, although it is recognizable, it’s also struggling at the moment. Read More

Mar 27

March Field Report from Coeur d’Alene

Photo: Laurie March

Hello from beautiful Coeur d’Alene, Blog Cabin-ners! It’s me, Laurie. First, I need to stop and thank you for the fantastic job you’re doing in choosing this year’s mountain retreat’s elements. This home is going to be absolutely spectacular! Right this very second, you can be voting on many of the cabin’s outdoor features. Check it out and vote as many times as you like! Read More

Mar 2

Puppy People vs. Cat Crusaders

Blog Cabin voters are used to putting their brains to the test: exterior house colors, backsplash options, bathroom tile choices. You guys have handled it all. But in this current round of voting, the Blog Cabin 2015 team has really tasked you with the ultimate question: cats or dogs?

You’re currently voting for different elements within this Coeur d’Alene mountain retreat’s living spaces. And inquiring minds want to know: would rather a corner customized for your canine crushes or your feline friends? In my experience, people are pretty passionate on this subject! Read More

Feb 25

Take a Seat: Theatre Seating vs. Traditional Seating

Pendant lighting, formal dining and a chef’s pantry? The kitchen at Blog Cabin 2015 is going to be incredible. You all deserve a pat on the back, but not a vacation! Now we need your votes in the living room. I am so interested to see what you choose in the entertainment room.

Theater Seating Blog Cabin 2015

Our team can’t wait to hear which kind of seating you’d prefer in the cozy media space. On one hand, you could choose plush theater seats. Arm rests, roomy individual seats and a great view. Read More

Feb 5

Flooring Worth Adoring: GRAY-t Choice, Voters!

DIY Network Gray Laurie March Blog

Hello again! I’ve got to start out by saying I’m ecstatic that the gray floor won in round one of voting. Gray has grown in popularity lately and I think it’s because people are discovering more and more ways it can be used. In Blog Cabin 2015, a modern-day mountain retreat, it’s going to make an excellent contemporary neutral.

Browse these 50 shades of gray rooms >> Read More

Dec 1

Blog Cabin 2015: Fall Color in Coeur d’Alene

Hello Blog Cabin fans! I know, I know, I’m a little early, but I’m so excited to start the new Blog Cabin 2015. I just couldn’t wait any longer. I thought I’d share a little sneak peek from my secret Laurie Cam to tide us over. Read More

Oct 27

Blog Cabin 2015: Location Clue Three

I’m baaaaaccckkk! Hello my Blog Cabin buddies. Laurie here. I couldn’t wait any longer. I begged Virginia to let me give you one last location clue.  But first, I want to send a BIG congratulations to the Winter Haven native, Bradley Powell, our 2014 Blog Cabin winner!

And now I have a confession to make, folks. I have seen Blog Cabin 2015 and it is glorious! While my instincts are to tell you all about it, I can only give you one berry special clue.

Well, what do you think? Does this delicious dessert give you any ideas about where next year’s Blog Cabin might be? Let me know below!

And don’t worry, the best is yet to come…

Sep 16

Blog Cabin 2014 Sweepstakes has Ended, So What’s Next?

Laurie and Dylan Blog Cabin 2014

That’s a wrap! The Blog Cabin 2014 sweepstakes period is over! Although I’ll be sad to say goodbye to this year’s gorgeous Blog Cabin, my heart is so happy for the lucky winner who will say hello to wonderful Winter Haven soon. It feels like just yesterday I was pulling up to the site for the first time, in awe of its beautiful sunrises and natural beauty. I will treasure that little corner of Florida forever, although I have been pretty busy lately helping to hunt for the next Blog Cabin…

Blog Cabin 2014 Read More

Sep 11

Laurie Cam at Bok Tower Gardens

In this, the final week to enter our incredible sweepstakes, I find myself pouring over pictures and remembering what an amazing experience working on Blog Cabin 2014 has been. One of my absolute favorite memories is visiting the Bok Tower Gardens with my fellow garden enthusiast, Project Manager Dylan Eastman. Don’t worry, I brought the Laurie-Cam.

Laurie March Blog Cabin 2014

Just a hop, skip and a jump from our beloved Blog Cabin 2014, the Bok Tower Gardens originally opened in 1929.  There in Lake Wales, you will find the masterfully crafted Singing Tower and some absolutely stunning gardens. The bells of the carillon in the tower can be heard throughout the gardens twice a day. Both the Tower and the Gardens were a gift to America from Dutch author, publisher and humanitarian Edward W. Bok. Read More

Sep 4

Snapshots from the Secret Laurie Cam

stained glass

I have a secret, I’ve been taking some stealthy, Blog Cabin pictures just for you. As we round the corner on this amazing sweepstakes,  I thought I’d finally share some of my sweet memories. Remember, you only have until September 12th  to enter for your chance to win, people! Read More



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