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Aug 19

Winter Haven: Water Sports Capital of the World

Florida is now known for its tourism and attractions, but in 1936 there was only one commercial theme park in the state, Cypress Gardens. This Winter Haven gem began as a botanical garden and was the setting of many classic films. It boasted a bevy of Southern Belles and perhaps most notably, hosted its first water skiing show in 1943. The rest is history, and has made the way for many water sports enthusiasts.

The Cypress Gardens Water Ski show would run for 66 years, while breaking over 50 World Records. These skiers were a cross between athletes and entertainers and first started as entertainment for returning soldiers.  The incredible performers would execute jumps, form pyramids and ski barefoot. Blog Cabin 2014 pays homage to this piece of the past in a few different ways. For example, this vintage water ski hangs proudly in the living room.

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Aug 14

Blog Cabin: Let the Games Begin!

Blog Cabin Laurie March 2014

Okay, I’ll be honest, I have a bit of a friendly, competitive streak. I love to play games with my family and friends and when I do, I play to win. If I were to play a round of bocce ball at the Blog Cabin’s amazing court, however, I might be in trouble. I don’t know how I could focus while taking in that view, but I’m always up for a challenge. Read More

Aug 12

Fresh from the Blog Cabin 2014 Vegetable Garden

Laurie March Blog Cabin 2014 Garden

Those that know me know that I love to garden. There’s no better feeling that to serve friends and family members fresh food that you’ve grown yourself. The lucky Blog Cabin 2014 winner will be able to do just that using the four raised garden beds, which I had a blast building with project manager Dylan Eastman.

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Aug 7

Guest Bedroom Blues

Blue Bedroom Blog Cabin 2014 Laurie March

When people are asked to name their favorite color, one answer is heard most often: Blue. The popular color is known to be soothing, calming and serene, making it an excellent choice for a guest retreat. The Blog Cabin 2014 guest room is filled with brilliant blue accents designed to make any visitor feel welcome. Take a look at some of the best blue belongings in this bedroom. Read More

Aug 5

Kitchen Crashers Recap

Kitchen Crashers Laurie March Blog 2014

Who caught last night’s miraculous, hilarious episode? Alison Victoria is officially a wizard in my mind. She and Doug came riding in on a chariot and, with Jason Jackson, they built a jaw-dropping, storage filled and stunning kitchen in just THREE DAYS. Okay, okay, so Grundy helped.

In case you missed it, here’s the play-by-play.

From the winning cherry cabinets to the polished concrete counters and matching apron sink, every detail of this magnificent space was meticulously planned and executed. Don’t be fooled by their smiling faces and crazy antics (ahem, the rubber alligator?), these guys worked hard.

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Jul 31

Blog Cabin 2014: Delving Into Shelving

Blog Cabin 2014 Laurie March Shelving Ideas

I’m not sure I have the words to describe how excited I was to design the Blog Cabin 2014  laundry room. Who wouldn’t love to work with project manager Dylan Eastman and construct custom pieces to make laundry more manageable for the lucky winners? We also had a ridiculously good time styling that open shelving above the washer and dryer. I can geek out over that stuff for days. While the practical purpose of a shelf is to provide storage, it can be a great opportunity to express yourself as well. Read More

Jul 29

Plush Plants at Blog Cabin 2014

Pink Flamingos Laurie March Blog Cabin 2014

Hello from Los Angeles! I’m here in la la land, daydreaming about Winter Haven and all of the amazing features included in Blog Cabin 2014. Those who know me know that I am an avid gardener.  While I’ve spent hours ooohing and ahhing over Blog Cabin’s construction and design, its the botanical aspects that simply knock my socks off. Let’s take a look at some of the bungalow’s liveliest elements. Read More

Jul 24

Blog Cabin 2014: Best Napping Nooks Ever

I live by a set of simple principles:

1. Don’t go faster than the car in front of you.

2. Clean work boots are considered formal wear.

3. Always work hard and nap often.

I am a napping Nancy, a siesta sister, a snoozing Susan. You get the point.

While we all appreciate a relaxing master bedroom, I like to daydream in cozy corners all over the house. In my many visits to this year’s Blog Cabin 2014, I’ve been scoping out the best places to catch some ZZZs. Starting with the amazing boat dock hammock. I’d love nothing more than to be sleeping by the dock of this bay in one of these custom-napping nets. I might have to beg the winner for one quick snooze. Read More

Jul 22

Salvaged Style at Blog Cabin 2014

salvaged drawers

The first step toward truly appreciating ‘salvaged style’ at Blog Cabin 2014 is to take a quick look at the semantics surrounding it. You will not find me using words like old, used or secondhand to describe any of the  stunning vintage elements in this home. From the magical mind of project manager Dylan Eastman, many reclaimed, repurposed and upcycled projects have transformed this lovely bungalow into a magnificent piece of history and work of art.

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Jul 17

Lakeside Vs. Seaside Décor: Be Sure of Your Shore

Credit: Eric Perry © 2014, DIY Network/Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

I should start by saying that everyone should decorate their homes in any style they want, wherever they happen to be. Build an adobe in Antarctica, bring a Cape Cod feel to Kansas – the decision is always yours. But if you decide you’d like to incorporate the organic beauty, seasons and history of the home’s setting into your design, your location can bring a world of inspiration. Personally, I never feel more inspired than when I’m standing on a shore, looking out over the water.

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