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Jul 29

Plush Plants at Blog Cabin 2014

Pink Flamingos Laurie March Blog Cabin 2014

Hello from Los Angeles! I’m here in la la land, daydreaming about Winter Haven and all of the amazing features included in Blog Cabin 2014. Those who know me know that I am an avid gardener.  While I’ve spent hours ooohing and ahhing over Blog Cabin’s construction and design, its the botanical aspects that simply knock my socks off. Let’s take a look at some of the bungalow’s liveliest elements. Read More

Jul 24

Blog Cabin 2014: Best Napping Nooks Ever

I live by a set of simple principles:

1. Don’t go faster than the car in front of you.

2. Clean work boots are considered formal wear.

3. Always work hard and nap often.

I am a napping Nancy, a siesta sister, a snoozing Susan. You get the point.

While we all appreciate a relaxing master bedroom, I like to daydream in cozy corners all over the house. In my many visits to this year’s Blog Cabin 2014, I’ve been scoping out the best places to catch some ZZZs. Starting with the amazing boat dock hammock. I’d love nothing more than to be sleeping by the dock of this bay in one of these custom-napping nets. I might have to beg the winner for one quick snooze. Read More

Jul 22

Salvaged Style at Blog Cabin 2014

salvaged drawers

The first step toward truly appreciating ‘salvaged style’ at Blog Cabin 2014 is to take a quick look at the semantics surrounding it. You will not find me using words like old, used or secondhand to describe any of the  stunning vintage elements in this home. From the magical mind of project manager Dylan Eastman, many reclaimed, repurposed and upcycled projects have transformed this lovely bungalow into a magnificent piece of history and work of art.

Read More

Jul 17

Lakeside Vs. Seaside Décor: Be Sure of Your Shore

Credit: Eric Perry © 2014, DIY Network/Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

I should start by saying that everyone should decorate their homes in any style they want, wherever they happen to be. Build an adobe in Antarctica, bring a Cape Cod feel to Kansas – the decision is always yours. But if you decide you’d like to incorporate the organic beauty, seasons and history of the home’s setting into your design, your location can bring a world of inspiration. Personally, I never feel more inspired than when I’m standing on a shore, looking out over the water.

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Jun 9

Under Construction: Charming Corbels Echo the Past

Corbel Blog Laurie March

Photo: Dylan Eastman

Hi guys! Laurie here. I’m excited to announce that I’m going to be bringing you even more behind-the-scenes action from Blog Cabin 2014 right here on the blog! It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been on site, but, like you, I’ve had my eyes glued to the Cabin Cam while it’s been streaming. I noticed some pretty sweet shapes going up under the roofline and gave my buddy and house planner Dylan Eastman a call to get more of the story. Have you seen the gorgeous corbels? Read More

May 28

Blog Cabin 2014: We All Scream for Melamine

Hello again from sunny Winter Haven! I arrived this afternoon and I can’t wait to get back to work on this gorgeous, lakeside bungalow. I’ve spent my first few hours digging into all of the final touches that you, yourselves, chose over the past few months.


One decision you had to make caught my eye right away: outdoor dishware. You fine folks voted to stock the Blog Cabin with blue melamine dishes instead of yellow. These unbreakable, affordable dishes were at their height of popularity in the 1950s and 1960s, and have recently seen a resurgence. Modern day melamine sets, like those dishes pictured above, are readily available in a wide variety of styles and colors.

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Blog Cabin is the groundbreaking multimedia experience based on a very simple idea: You Design It, We Build It, You Could Win It! This truly interactive series asks Internet users to vote on the design features for a real vacation getaway. Expert hosts from DIY Network series will be on hand to rebuild the 1920s lakeside house that will become a luxurious home for a lucky sweepstakes winner. Plus, a one-hour Blog Cabin special, hosted by tool expert Chris Grundy, will highlight the incredible transformation.
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