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Dec 13

Examining the Built-In Ironing Board

A few weeks ago, a group of Blog Cabin folks were chatting about some of the home’s details when the recessed ironing board in the kitchen sparked an interesting conversation. It’s a beautiful wooden board or folding table that lifts right into the wall next to the stove. A few of us couldn’t imagine having our laundry area and cooking space in such close quarters, while others have fond memories of their grandparents folding laundry on the kitchen countertops. Since many recessed ironing boards were built into American homes in the 1920s, it only makes sense that our Blog Cabin 2014 has one, too.

Blog Cabin 2014 Ironing Board

Blog Cabin 2014 Kitchen

What’s your take on this built-in beauty? Do you have one now, or have you had one in the past? Do you admire its space-saving ability but would rather stash it elsewhere? Let’s talk about it.

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