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May 13

Behind the Scenes: Filming a Blog Cabin Episode

Kitchen Crashers at Blog Cabin 2013

I had the privilege of being a fly on the wall during the filming of the “Kitchen Crashers” episode of Blog Cabin 2013 (May 4-5). This was my first opportunity to watch the filming of a DIY Network show. What a thrill!

The crew was an absolute delight. Producer Jay Baker greeted me as if I was one of the gang. His big Tennessee smile made me feel immediately at ease. And Chris Grundy and Alison Victoria? Top-notch talent, humble, gracious … and oh so funny. Chris proved a laugh a minute, while Alison, without missing a beat, whipped out the classic comebacks. On-screen chemistry in spades!

Cameras were catching every moment of the ad libs, few of which will hit the cutting room floor, I am sure. The crew muscled through a grey, cold rainy Saturday to capture scenes for a captivating how-to project. Chris and Alison first picked through the reclaimed wood pile and then headed to a makeshift construction area near the dock where they sliced down, then ripped beams for a very cool kitchen furnishing (Hint: It has legs. And don’t be surprised if some matching coasters surface). Cabinet installation followed by a field trip were also on the day’s filming to-do list.

Candid Snaps: Blog Cabin 2013 Location
Candid Pictures of Blog Cabin 2013 Area

I had the opportunity to chat with Jay in between takes. I was fascinated by his creative process and his approach to this year’s episode. “My thought is to always to land at the place, take a look at the environment and figure out a way to involve as much of that environment into the show as possible,” he said. “We are in a special place that people will travel extensively to get to. We all have. So let’s show people why.”

Small kitchen size is a challenge this year, but Jay plans some workarounds; directing such talented hosts definitely helps. “You get someone with Chris’s energy level around someone with Alison’s energy level: They just self motivate. They are great at that. You just try to repeat that over and over and over because that’s why someone at home would want to watch this.”

For Grundy, being the Blog Cabin 2013 master of ceremonies has been a blast from the get-go. Although this year’s home is a tad smaller than the 2012 Maine home, the coastal location, beautiful water views and friendly locals make up for the building challenges. Mutual affection amongst crew members also makes for a stellar experience. “I love working with all the people that are here. I like having fun and all these people make me laugh,” he says. “And Alison Victoria — from the moment she shows up in a boat, everything gets better.”

Note: Although Cabin Cam comes down today, we have alot more to share, including a Q&A with our remodeling experts, an interview with the interior designer and content related to’s Remodeling of Blog Cabin 2013 package. Stay tuned!


  1. I went back and relooked at the pix before building,, all that I could find-enjoyed mostly the 99 pix how beachy they were and how they lived and noticed new things or things I forgot. This has helped ,then you can go though what we picked for the home and look at recent pics I know not same way as camera cam and to read also blogs that come up-someone always has something to say. The new pix with Chris are still breath-taking (the home sorry Chris) and scenes that come up wonderful to see. I still pray and hope for win but first prayers are for OK. and their people. It is both sad and glad but mostyl sad. Sometimes it would be ok not to hear media. Guess that is why this place is a "peace of heaven" as said . You can go out to the pier and forget everything for a while and only hear waves and marine life Good luck everyone .

    bogartand bacall on May 22, 2013 at 8:35 pm
  2. New pic from Chris, and this one is on twitter, so I think you'll be able to see it ;-) A little bit of side porch behind him ;-)

    karenlin91 on May 23, 2013 at 9:24 am
    • okay, if you copy and past it should work. ;-)

      karenlin91 on May 23, 2013 at 9:26 am
    • copy /paste does work! mmmmm……natural steppingstones to the side entries.very pretty. Thank you Karen, I appreciate it!:D<3

      SID on May 23, 2013 at 11:48 am
  3. Seems like not much going on in here. Came in for a few darn bugs(cicadas) are driving me crazy with their noise. Wait….for me that's not a drive but a short walk.

    540sam on May 23, 2013 at 11:32 am
    • Hi Sam, You are Sooo Funny!!! You can join My club because I'm almost there toooo…and that is because Mary has forgotten about the Bloggers and holding on to all the Updates, new Pics and interviews and not sharing them with Us Dedicated Bloggers!!
      Mary must know We Bloggers are going Nuts without the Camera Cam and no updated Pics or info to keep us interested…Where are the Q&As? Thanks to the creative Bloggers who are contributing to our entertainment while waiting and waiting and waiting on Mary!!!!
      Mary Where are You????? Save Your Blogger's sanity by posting Updates!!! Pleeeaaasssseee!!! Mary :p;):D:)^_^B)<3

      Jennie/Florida on May 23, 2013 at 11:59 am
    • "Wasting away, again, here in Mary-Rittaville, tryin' to shake our last picture of Bloooog! Some people say there's just one person to blame! When I know….it's the Camera-Cam's fault! Woe, woe woe, yes it's the Camera-Cam's fault!" OK Mary Graff, Laurie March, Dylan Eastmann, Chris THE Grundy, Producer Dearest and DIY Honchos…don't let us ride into that sunset without ya! Cuz' it's cryin' time again and you guys have left us Bloggies FLOUNDERING outside the DOCK of Core Sound, with nuthin' to do and too much time to dream up trouble…HELP! Accessories after the fact not necessary–we know how to do it! But so do you! Answers? Pictures? Alas, the Cabin Cam??? We await, abated breath! With METAL DETECTOR, can dig holes in Matt and Jason's land, lookin' fer sumthin'–ANYTHIN' to do–and mischief goes down easy on us waiting pirat…er, Bloggies here!!!;):pB):pxD Kitty

      DwnSoDwnEaster on May 23, 2013 at 12:37 pm
    • Hi Kitty ^_^ LOL..Sing it Kitty!!!!.
      You know, We go through this every Blog Cabin, but this time We were really spoiled by having the Camera Cam that actually moved, not like last years!!! I know all of the Bloggers really enjoyed the Cam this time and got totally hooked, Including Me!!
      So now it's gone and We are really suffering without it…..We were enjoying the views and all activities so much and cutting it off was like total let down…I guess We got really spoiled ..
      Mary needs to join Our Blog and see how We're doing and hear what We have to say…Without the Bloggers what would Blog Cabin be??:)<3 They would have to change the Show's Concept and title…
      By the way, If I read Mary's comments correctly, She was at the Cottage May 4&5, but I never saw her come up close to the Cam and give Us a wave or leave Us a Little Sign on the Grapevine..I was really disappointed that No signs were left during the filming and Partying with All those Designers, Decorators and Crews… we could have a wall of signs with that crowd!!!.
      I was Happy to see that Mr. Eastman and Mr. Roby acknowledge We Bloggers with a thoughtful Good Bye sign at the end of the Cam!:p:)^_^;)B)<3…
      Kitty it will soon be time for You to start packing for Maine, I hope You will be well enough to take the trip…I enjoyed "Our trip" to Maine last year!!! So much fun planning and taking the virtual trip with Lilly and all the excitement of planting the Money tree…Good memories!!^_^B)<3

      Jennie/Florida on May 23, 2013 at 1:57 pm
    • Jennie, you're so right! I think our Maine experience, our virtual "trips" even to the North Pole :D were great. Yes,Gary and I are planning our annual Maine retreat. I have just seen a new pain and physical medicine MD who has LISTENED to me and tried something different, just this week!<3 :D I've been able to move around with almost no pain for the past 2 days. I tend to be allergic to that sticky stuff on bandages and such, so we're watching closely. Oh, I pray that I can tolerate this new 72 -hr patch! It is the 1st time in nearly a year that I have been able to move around my home and begin picking up the mess I've left, due to extraordinary, paralyzing pain! It's like a miracle–I know I shall have to rebuild muscular strength, but if i can tolerate this gummy patch stuff, I can become more normal–HOPE!!! :D :)

      Now, about something about Mary, we should know by now, communication with Bloggies is NOT her best asset. :( But she's good at writing and putting together the visuals/production of the sweepstakes and does that very well. :) So this year, DIY gave us new people who have chipped in and reached out to those of us, the Real Bloggies–who are the very ROOT, RHYME, REASON, & NUTS & BOLTS to every Blog Cabin! I'm so sad that we don't hear much from Mary. But, compared to last year's Maine BC, we've had a treasure trove of communication, photos and video shorts! We have truly had to make up our own fun mostly, in the past–but we have, this time, had a little help from The Grundy, Dylan, Laurie, and that's much more than we had last year. I'm STILL trying to figure out Builder: is Builder Theirs (DIY's)? Or a mysterious Bloggie? Soon and very soon, we MUST have a CAM back OR– that yard is going to get quite 'holy,' with my metal detector, pick and shovel, since DIY won't give us anymore to do… ol' Blackbeard won't have the last say about Atlantic, NC, if we take on the treasure search, right? Mel, SID, Ruffy, Windee, LL, Clive, Don, Crew? R U READY? Flash Blog SHIN & DIGANCE commin' UP!!! ACTIOOOON… Required LAST WEEK, I say!:p:D;)xD<3 Grog, Blog Cam or not, have shovel, metal detector, here we come!!!:D:p<3 Kitty

      DwnSoDwnEaster on May 23, 2013 at 3:05 pm
    • Good luck with the patch,after trying for 4 months I couldn't use them and had to go a different route.As for the metal detector,there have been quite a few late 1700 coins found and lots of unmentionables found.

      TonyE on May 23, 2013 at 10:14 pm
    • Tony, you are so thoughtful! Thanks so much! So far, the anti-pain patch worked best 24-hr day one. the remainder of 48 hours, I rate it, at least for me, minimally effective. Normally, the sticky stuff causes blistering and irritation–so far, just itching like a mosquito bite. But all in all, I'll take itch and 1day out of three with far less pain with gratitude, anyhow! :D I'm sorry the patch ultimately didn't work for you, Tony, and I hope you have found some relief with a substitute. I am on a stronger level patch. Those who wrestle with chronic severe pain know of which we speak. :)
      On Blog Cabin, and, based on what you, as a local said–I can just imagine the 'finds' around there! ;) Of course Blackbeard used to haunt my area in SE VA quite often way back when . :D Frankly, I would just LOVE to go metal-detecting around there–what fun and intrigue! I think the BC turned out great, over all. I understand their limitations with storage, screens and such, but Know the winner/owner is going to find these totally necessary and not luxuries. You're just a skip and a hop from there, so I am going to wish you great luck in winning the BC. As lovely a place as it is, i think it should belong to another worthy winner. Too much going on here for me to deal with the property there. I'm close to the beach already. Tony, you have been so helpful to the blog–turn about, as they say….WIN is the word friend! Best to you!xD:p^_^ Kitty

      DwnSoDwnEaster on May 24, 2013 at 9:04 pm
  4. Chris has 2 new pics on facebook.

    540sam on May 23, 2013 at 3:28 pm
  5. I recently came across an oil painting by a local artist,Jack Saylor, of a "Harkers Island Boat"on the North River….It's titled "Fog from Sea" 18×24".
    I think it would be a perfect addition to the 2013 Cabin…

    rebecca on May 23, 2013 at 4:42 pm
  6. Yeah our questions have been answered….New Thread !!!!^_^

    Jennie/Florida on May 23, 2013 at 6:40 pm
  7. I would to know , What did you all do with all the nice things that was in there, Boy I wish I was there moving day, chairs ,tables, beds , every thing , to me I have already Winn,, that home just like it was , it's ,in my heart , I would have tolk it just like it was, I got every picture that was taken,,, I look at them over and over, I never had a house, or home ,,that place would have been my Castle, I love the new one two, But I love the old one, Hey every body , I am 60 years old women , what do you thank, LOLOLOL Thank you for letting us see day today work , It was so nice, To the winner God Bless you ,

    Priscila Calhoun on May 23, 2013 at 6:41 pm
  8. Would like to know what happened to the old wood flooring. In the original pictures the wood flooring looked beautiful & would look great in the new home. This was not mentioned in the recycling blog.

    Theresa Deeks on June 19, 2013 at 1:21 pm
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